Tony Khan

Tony Khan Answers A Question About The Future Of AEW Media Scrums 

Following AEW’s most latest PPV event, All Out, AEW CEO Tony Khan has been through more than he bargained for. After attacking AEW’s EVPs, Colt Cabana & Adam Page, CM Punk ended up getting into a real-life backstage fight with The Young Bucks, who were joined by Kenny Omega & Ace Steel.

The incident, which resulted in suspensions for all parties involved, though the status of Punk and Steel is unknown, has many wondering about the future of AEW’s post-PPV media scrums, but Khan does not appear to be interested in getting rid of them. To be fair, I think we’ve had a plethora of good things, a lot of positive reactions, Khan said.

It’s a great chance for the talent to shine, and there are bound to be many positive outcomes. For instance, tonight on Dynamite, World Tag Team Winners Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland will defend their title against The Acclaimed. We actually had the conversation at our most recent PPV All Out media scrum.

I told Keith & Swerve that it was one of the best matches we’d ever had, and The Acclaimed are the winningest tag team in AEW history, so if anyone deserves a rematch, it’s these guys. Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed for the tag titles will rematch tonight on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

AEW Rampage

The Elite have been suspended, CM Punk has been removed from television, and AEW Dynamite ratings have never been higher, at least in 2022. Tony Khan went on Twitter to thank AEW viewers for giving Dynamite its highest viewership of the year, with 1.175 million viewers, as well as the show’s 16th consecutive week in the top two programmes on Wednesday night in the 18-49 demographic. 

Tony wrote on twitter before promoting tomorrow’s episode of AEW Rampage, the final show before AEW travels to Queens, New York for such Grand Slam special at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The rating is notable because it comes at a time when All Elite Wrestling has virtually no Elite. Following a backstage brawl with former AEW Champion CM Punk, the first and former AEW World Trios Champions vacated their titles and were suspended from the company.


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