Tony Bellew Calls Jake Paul A ‘Disgrace’ To The Boxing Sport

Jake Paul has been raking up wins under his professional boxing career. What started out as a random YouTube trend of YouTubers boxing one another has quickly turned into big business for the younger Paul brother.

Jake Paul is currently 5-0 as a professional boxer. Wikipedia now classifies him as an ‘American Boxer’ and not an ‘American YouTube Personality’/. Jake Paul has fought former five-time UFC champion Tyron Woodley in his latest fight and knocked him out in the sixth round of the boxing match.

Jake Paul’s 2022 Goals List

With all his victories, Jake Paul decided to start the new year 2022 with a bang. To do so, he sent out a tweet detailing his goals for 2022. However, the goals that Jake Paul put in the tweet have attracted criticism from some high-profile names, including the former professional boxer Tony Bellew.

The three goals that Jake Paul listed for 2022 were:

1. Buy Mayweather Promotions and save them from bankruptcy

2. Hire stylist for Floyd Mayweather

3. Take selfie with Oprah 4. Go 2 chiropractor 2 heal back from carrying the sport of boxing

What Did Tony Bellew Say?

Replying to Jake Paul’s tweet, Tony said “You couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper BOXER son.. please rephrase point 4!”.

“It’s not hate.. I don’t have time for that,” he continued in a follow up comment. “However to say he’s carrying our amazing sport and hasn’t boxed 1 actual boxer yet is a disgrace! He’s not a boxer until he beats a registered/ranked boxer.. You obviously don’t watch DAZN cos it’s just upset after upset lad.”

Jake Paul has been at odds with many high-profile names since his rise as a boxer, including UFC Boss Dana White.

Jake Paul and Dana White have had friction amongst them for quite a while now. Dana White claims and discredits Jake Paul’s achievements as a professional boxer while Jake Paul finds refuge in calling out the UFC Boss for his fighter pay numbers claiming that he doesn’t pay the UFC fighters enough.

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