Toni Storm Joins OnlyFans Months After Leaving WWE

Toni Storm Joins OnlyFans Months After Leaving WWE

Since its inception, OnlyFans has evolved to become a sustainable company for many people all over the world, and now a former WWE superstar, Toni Storm, has joined the subscription-based website’s ranks.

Toni has become the recent celebrity to announce her intention to join the platform and she will be doing it soon. She is a former WWE superstar and has captivated her global fanbase by posting daring content on OnlyFans. The former wrestler also joined Instagram and tempted her fans with promotional photos with the caption saying exclusive content will be coming soon.

Toni’s next move was a big deal among fans as she would be a free agent at the end of March after a 90-day non-compete agreement. Storm has previously implied with an Instagram post that she had exclusive content on the way.

The former WWE wrestler had announced her engagement to Juice Robinson on Instagram and the couple has yet to marry. Her real name is Rossall and she came out as bisexual to the wrestling community during Pride Month last year.

Storm, according to WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, pleaded for her release from WWE earlier this year because she was fatigued. The statement surprised the sport’s legend, but he revealed that the fast-paced environment of WWE had left her exhausted. Shortly after the photo, a profile for the former NXT UK champion surfaced on OnlyFans, signaling that she will be joining the site on Saturday, March 19 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Storm’s Instagram is advertising the page where she might be seen in her lingerie.

Toni hasn’t really revealed anything about the content she will put out on the platform, however, OnlyFans is notorious for having a huge number of users demanding subscription payments for photos of themselves in lingerie or without any clothes. So far, Storm’s Instagram is advertising the page where she might be seen in her lingerie.

Toni Storm’s transfer to OnlyFans leads to the question of whether it will have an impact on her future pro wrestling opportunities. According to sources, WWE stars are not permitted to have OnlyFans accounts.

Toni is reluctant to come to WWE after requesting a leave of absence from the company. She is yet to determine if she will return to the ring. Storm was claimed to be dealing with burnout at the time of her leave, which meant she was bored of the hard work that came with working for WWE.

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