Tom Latham explains New Zealand's batters attacking approach against spinners

Tom Latham explains New Zealand’s batters attacking approach against spinners

New Zealand ended on the defeating side by 1-0 against India in the concluded Paytm trophy. New Zealand batters looked better in the first test than they did in the second. It was not the case that their bowlers did exceptionally well in the second test, of course Ajaz got the 10-wicket haul, but overall it was a weak performance. NZ bowlers let the Indian batsmen score 345 and 276 on a track that has a much lesser average score. But it were the NZ batters that came under the radar, being bowled for one of their lowest scores in Test History. Tom Latham, the stand-in captain, explained the reason behind the NZ batters going for the hit against spinners rather than being defensive.

We attacked spinners so they don’t settle in with their line and length – Latham

“Ross obviously had the approach where he tried to put their bowlers under pressure,” Latham said. “As soon as you do that, subcontinent teams tend to take players from under the bat pretty quickly. Unfortunately for Ross, it didn’t quite work out for him. That was the plan Ross had going into that innings.

“In these conditions, you can’t just allow them to bowl. They are very good. They are very accurate, and they don’t give you much to hit. For us it was about trying to put a little bit more pressure on them to get a few more fielders away from the bat. Because you know they don’t miss that often.
“For us it was about guys having a certain plan and being able to stick to that. If you have a plan and you get out, that’s just the game of cricket. It’s up to individuals how they approach their innings.”
One of those days in cricket where things don’t go your way – Latham
Latham didn’t specifically point out what went wrong in their innings of 62. “One of those things in cricket where everything you do doesn’t tend to work,” Latham said. “One of those days that happens in cricket. We have done that to teams at different times around the world. Unfortunately it was our time and things didn’t quite unfold the way we would have wanted.
“From our point of view, you have to take a lot of learnings from it. The way we came out in the second innings, and the guys sort of changed their game plan a little bit and put a bit of pressure on their bowlers… [but] as we know in India, the longer you go, the harder it gets to bat. One of those games where we unfortunately couldn’t get the right result.”
We take home the positives – Latham
There were indeed positives from the tour for New Zealand. The upcoming youngster Rachin Ravindra who saved the test match at Kanpur, Ajaz Patel who recorded a once-in-a-generation achievement and Will Young; who shown fair amount of restraint in his batting. 
“Those three guys you mentioned [Ajaz Patel, Will Young, Rachin Ravindra], their first time in this part of the world, for them to step up at different times for us, and to make contributions throughout the series was outstanding,” Latham said. “It is great for the depth of New Zealand cricket to have more exposure in these conditions.
“The more you play in this part of the world, the more you sort of learn and are able to grow your game. Obviously pleasing for those guys but also for everyone else there are learnings to take. So that the next time we are here, those learnings will be put to practice.”

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