Tom Holland & Zendaya Confirm Couple Status, Spider-Man Fans Freak Out

Tom Holland & Zendaya Confirm Couple Status, Spider-Man Fans Freak Out

At the 2021 Ballon D’Or awards event, Tom Holland and Zendaya, actors of Spider-Man: No Way Home, finally announced their official couple status. Holland portrays the titular web-slinger in the MCU’s Spider-Man series; while Zendaya portrays Peter Parker’s love interest, MJ.

In 2017, the two first appeared together in Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spider-Man: No Way Home; the highly anticipated conclusion to the “Homecoming” trilogy, is slated to enter theatres this month; bringing the couple back together for the third time.

Holland and Zendaya have both had a busy few years, aside from working on the Spider-Man franchise; which has become one of the MCU’s most popular series. Zendaya played Chani in Denis Villeneuve’s outstanding Dune adaption; and she recently stated that she will play a larger role in Dune: Part Two.

Holland has appeared in both voice acting and live-action films and will play Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of the iconic computer game Uncharted. Even when intrusive paparazzi images earlier this year showed Holland and Zendaya kissing; the couple has consistently avoided queries about their relationship (much to the dismay of fans).

The stars have made their first official red carpet appearance as a couple in images from the annual Ballon D’Or awards. Holland and Zendaya were photographed while Holland placed his arm around Zendaya’s waist at the ceremony; which honours individual achievements in world football. Naturally, both Spider-Man and general Holland/Zendaya fans have reacted with undeniable glee to the photos of their public union. Take a look at some of their recent posts:

The new photos indicate that the two Spider-Man: No Way Home stars are definitely dating

Given that both performers have big and passionate fan bases; and that speculations about their relationship status have been circulating since 2017, the fan frenzy is understandable. But it’s only been a few months since they’ve made their romance more public. While neither star has publicly confirmed their relationship; there have been plenty of clues that they are dating.

Zendaya’s Dune co-star Timothée Chalamet previously labelled Holland as her “greatest celebrity crush,”; and Holland has been seen commenting sweetly on Zendaya’s social media posts on a regular basis. Thankfully, the new photos, when combined with prior images; indicate that the two Spider-Man: No Way Home stars are definitely dating.

Holland and Zendaya are two of Hollywood’s most well-known and well-liked actresses, adding to the Spider-Man franchise’s already massive popularity. Fans of the couple and Holland’s Spider-Man films will be hoping that the upcoming film doesn’t do anything unexpected; and keeps Zendaya’s MJ around for the next Spider-Man trilogy; so the actors may continue their on-screen and real-life romance.

Whether or not Tom Holland and Zendaya continue to work together in future projects beyond Spider-Man: No Way Home; fans may rest assured that their real-life Peter and MJ ideas have been proven.

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