Tom Holland Fans Enraged At Amy Schumer For Mocking His Mental Health Break

Amy Schumer is facing severe backlash from Tom Holland fans for making fun of his mental health after he announced taking a social media hiatus.

On 14th August Tom Holland posted a video of himself announcing that he is taking a break from social media as his mental health is not doing well. He finds the social media apps to be very “overstimulating” and “overwhelming”.

In this video, he announced that reading things about himself online is affecting his mental health in a bad way. So he has decided to delete these apps. He further promoted a charity named “Stem4” which helps people who are dealing with mental health issues.

Amy Schumer’s Video

The very next day Amy Schumer, the comedian posted a video captioning it an “important mental health announcement” on her Instagram.

she made a joke video, in which she says, ” I’ve decided for my own mental health to do more social media. I find that looking at my phone for eight and a half hours a day is helping me, and it’s helping this pimple patch and this breakout.”

She further adds that being in her 40s it’s good for her to watch shows like Love Island and The Bachelors. She continues by saying that the audience will get to see more of her on social media as it’s good for her physical and mental wellbeing.”

Fans’ Reactions & Video Backfired

Amy Schumer was speaking about her own internet addiction, but it backfired her as some audience took the video the wrong way. Tom Holland fans backlashed at her as they thought she is mocking him and his mental health, and fans didn’t like it at all. Some of them even commented that it’s so bad to make fun of someone who was just trying to spread mental health awareness in the community.

Some even told her to clear things out as to in what context the video was made. Amy posted a note in her Instagram story saying, “Not shading Spider-Man. Making fun of myself. Of course, social media is toxic.” That’s how she cleared the air.

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