Tom Hiddleston Says Loki Season 2 Will Be About ‘Battle For The Soul OF TVA’

The God Of Mischief will be back with season 2, to solve the unresolved mysteries of season one. At the D23 Expo, the Loki season 2 clip was shown to the audience and it looked quite promising. While the audience can’t wait for season one, you can have a glimpse of the leaked Loki trailer, here.

Loki Season 2 will bring back the old cast as well as some new members, which includes Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Wunmi Mosamu, Eugene Cordero, and others. While we all know season one ended, kept us all wondering what will happen now as Kang the Conqueror’s evil version has taken over the TVA.

Season one left us with a lot of questions, we hope that season 2 answers it all. The cast of Loki recently had an interview and has revealed what to expect from season 2. Let’s hear it from them.

Loki Season 2 Is Back

At D23 Expo, Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino & new cast member Ke Huy Quan talked about season 2 with Entertainment Weekly. Sophia Di Martino who plays the role of Sylvie reveals how her character took revenge on TVA by the end of season one.

She says at the end of the first season, Sylvie successfully completed her mission. The whole series she was behind TVA for the revenge and then she finally gets it. Due to this she also gets in a fight with Loki by the end of the series and kills He Who Remains. Sophia adds, ” I’m really excited to see where she goes next and how she feels about that.”

Whereas Tom Hiddleston gave us a short explanation of what season 2 will focus on. He says, ” Season 2 is kind of a challenge of a question asked of the TVA itself, a battle for the soul of the TVA.”

Ke Huay Quan teases that the season is going to be really good even if they are not allowed that much to talk about it. He is excited for the audience to see what they made. He is relieved that Marvel announced his presence in the series, as he has been holding the secret for a long. Quan didn’t even tell his family, so now as everyone knows he’s there in the series he can openly talk about it.

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