Tom Cruise Celebrated His 60th Birthday With Serena Williams & Natalie Portman

Hollywood’s most loveable actor Tom Cruise celebrated his 60th birthday yesterday. He is making memorable memories with his celebrity friends like Serena Williams and Natalie Portman. Tom Cruise was spotted at dinner with them in Novikov restaurant in London. He was captured while he was engaged in conversation with the tennis player and others.

So, the actor started his birthday week with a lavish dinner with friends. Tom Cruise wore a light blue polo shirt, jeans and black boots during the outing. He was spotted happily as he could be and captured all smiling while photographed. Check photos of Thor: Love and Thunder LA premiere here.

Serena Williams was accompanied by her husband Alexis Ohanian, captured in a pink sleeveless mini dress and black tights. Thor: Love and Thunder actress Natalie Portman spotted an off-shoulder dark blue mini dress with white polka dots and was filmed signing autographs for fans after leaving the dinner. Recently, Tom Cruise was spotted at Adele’s concert in London. He was there with his celebrity friends, just three days back from his birthday.

After delivering the successful movie Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise has certainly raised the bar for the upcoming films of the Mission Impossible series. All the films in the series have always received a great audience reaction in all its years.

Celebrating Tom Cruise’s 60th birthday and honouring his contribution to the world of cinema, the director of the film Top Gun Maverick Christopher McQuarrie has shared an image of behind-the-scene image of our very own action hero dangling down in a World War II plane.

We have previously seen Tom Cruise doing similar plane scenes in his previous films. But, if you are thinking that this image is from one of his old stunts, let us tell you it is not.

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