Titus O'Neil Teases A Return To WWE I-Ring Action

Titus O’Neil Teases A Return To WWE I-Ring Action

Titus O’Neil could return to the WWE ring relatively soon. Titus O’Neil, a WWE Global Ambassador and Warrior Award winner, is reportedly in talks to return to in-ring competition. In a meeting, the Hall of Famer stated that, while he is completely focused on his duties as WWE’s Global Ambassador, he and WWE have discussed a possible in-ring return.

We’re communicating about some things; I won’t say when, but it will happen when it’s time. But I’m determined to continue to be the best Global Ambassador I can really be. In WWE, I’ve often tried to make the best of any situation that has come my way. It’s the most significant role I’ll ever have in the company; regardless of whether I return to the ring and win a title, two titles, or whatever, I’m already in the Hall of Fame as a Warrior Award recipient and will be celebrated for being significant.

I’ve already achieved success 10,000 times over, but I’d like to proceed to be significant and be able to leave a lasting impression on each and every individual that I touch, whether it’s interviewees, children, families, or coworkers, just being that positive person to be around that hopefully empowers them to go out and do something incredible.

Bobby Lashley

O’Neil last spoke about his ring status previously this year, when he revealed he had surgery to fix a knee injury but kept insisting he wasn’t retired. O’Neil is a former WWE Tag Team Champion, as well as a former 24/7 Champion, alongside former teammate Darren Young. O’Neil last competed in a sanctioned fight in November 2020, when he was defeated in under two minutes by United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

On a latest WWE live event in the United Kingdom, WWE celebrity Bobby Lashley got a scare once the ring ropes cracked during a fight between him and Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre described the accident and his initial thoughts as it happened in real-time.

McIntyre described the experience as “very quick yet very slow.” When there is trouble, things just seemed to slow down for me, and I am acutely aware of what is going on. When I hit the ropes, I knew something was wrong. I was lucky to grab myself instantly and was looking straight ahead, where I saw Lashley fall. As a result, the rope snapped as I connected. He was a fraction of a second behind me. He didn’t have any rope. He ended up going into what should have been the top rope and kept going head over heels at that speed.


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