Titans Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Raven’s and Blackfire’s New Costumes News

Titans Season 3 Set Photos Reveal Raven’s and Blackfire’s New Costumes

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Time icon June 7, 2021

Fans may see Raven and Blackfire’s new costumes in a recent behind-the-scenes image from the set of Titans season 3 on social media. The first two seasons of Titans, based on the DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans, ran on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming platform before moving to HBO Max. Fans have praised the series for its dark and gritty take on a series usually renowned for the softer tone of its animated versions, and as it has progressed, the show’s character clothing designs have slowly drawn closer to their comic-book origins.

Since the show’s premiere in 2018, Teagan Croft has played Rachael Roth, a.k.a. Raven, the daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon. Meanwhile, Damaris Lewis, who joined the cast for a brief time in season 2, plays Blackfire, Anna Diop’s Starfire’s sister.

While Blackfire’s difficult relation with her sister was only briefly mentioned in the previous season, the series ending clearly hinted that the Tamaranean villain will play a key role in season 3.

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According to a recent tweet from Twitter user Dewucme, fans can now see what the characters look like in season 3 thanks to a shot from the set. While Damaris Lewis’ Blackfire looks to be fully clothed in the classic Tamaranean gear that was first revealed in February, Teagan Croft’s Raven appears to be wearing the full length cloak that her comic character is famed for. Take a look at the original Tweet here:

The show’s official Twitter account has also offered fans an official look at both Starfire’s and Red Hood’s new costumes in recent months, both of which appear to be lifted almost exactly from the source material.

Given that Starfire’s outfit design, in particular, garnered some criticism during season one, the evidence suggests that the showrunners are now determined to give viewers what they want. The third season of Titans will premiere on HBO Max in August.

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