Tim Allen Criticizes Chris Evans Lightyear Film In An Interview

While it’s good to hear the actors who were a part of the film previously share their thoughts about their voice played by someone other. But seems like Tim Allen didn’t like the new Lightyear film which was released recently in June.

In the past, Tim Allen was the voice of Lightyear in the Toy Story movies and shared his opinion on the film in one of his interviews. The 2022 Lightyear is voiced by Chris Evans.

The 69-year-old Tim Allen spoke about the recent Movie Lightyear and he said he stayed out of this because it has nothing to do with his character Buzz. Further speaking about the movie he said that the team is completely new and it has no connection to the past Light year films.

Firstly Allen thought that the movie would be a live-action one with real humans playing the role of the characters, he didn’t think that it was an animated one.

Further adding to the conversation he also mentioned Woody. Woody is a toy story character who is a good friend of Lightyear but he wasn’t there in the current film. Tim Allen pointed out this saying, ” There’s really no Toy Story Buzz without Woody.” In previous toy story films, Woody was voiced by Tom Hanks.

Tim Allen appreciated the “wonderful story” but he felt like there was no connection to the toy and wished that it could have a better connection in the film.

It was expected that Lightyear would perform better at the Box office but it didn’t happen as it didn’t perform well on the opening weekend. It opened to $50.58M, even Jurassic World Dominion conquered Pixar’s Lightyear.

Previously the director Angus Maclane had addressed the issue about Tim Allen not playing Buzz Lightyear he responded to it that the Lightyear character Tim played was a Toy. This Lightyear film was not a toy film but rather an origin movie of the Buzz Lightyear. They further added,” We just needed a different person playing that Lightyear, separate from the toy.”

About Lightyear Film

The film is about Lightyear who along with his group and his companion is trapped for 4.2 million light-years on a hostile planet. Lightyear is a movie about the origin of a Space Hero (Buzz Lightyear).

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