TikTokers Including Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Slammed For Bahamas Trip

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have been slammed yet again after taking a private jet to the Bahamas. They have gone on a trip with their friends amid the global pandemic. However, Dixie’s boyfriend, Noah Beck, has defended their trip as he claimed that they needed to get away from it all.

Both Charli and Dixie joined Noah, Chase Hudson, Madi Monroe, and others at the Atlantis resort. The TikTok personalities have never shared that they were going on the trip. However, news of their Bahamas trip spread like fire after they were spotted by fans. Some of them even shared pictures of themselves posing with the influencers.

A fan’s TikTok account had a video of the group wearing masks as they posed together. There was also a picture of Madi without a mask on a private jet which was shared by her. the TikTok star was holding a glass of bubbly and leaning against her Louis Vuitton duffle bag.

“I’m on my way @bryant,” she wrote as she tagged the TikTok celebrity photographer, Bryant Eslava. He was also on the trip and later shared a video of himself going down a water slide at the resort. Madi did not reveal the place as she tagged her location as ‘Somewhere in the middle of nowhere’. However, fans could not be fooled as their followers did not hide their destination.

Despite the TikTok personalities trying to hide their vacation, a number of people tagged the Atlantis or the Bahamas when they posted snapshots they shared with the influencers. Noah also had shared few TikTok videos of himself with Dixie. They appeared to be in a hotel room at the time of the trip.

Critics Furious Over Bahamas Trip

Critics slammed the TikTok stars especially Dixie and Charli for irresponsibly going on a group vacation during the pandemic. A TikTok user even called Charli out for being a hypocrite as she recalled how the most followed star filmed an Instagram live talking about the importance of staying home and social distancing.

“If you’re using this time to hang out with your friends since you don’t have school, please, I’m asking you, please stop being so inconsiderate to others,” Charli said on December 29 — just days before the news of her trip went viral.

The TikTok star further said how they might think this is not going to affect her or it isn’t bad. She told people they are putting other people at risk to get hurt and to be in pain. Another critic also commented as they called out Charli and said she won ‘person of the year’.

The user wrote, “Charli ‘D’Amelio won person of the year… she’s literally in the Bahamas rn with 15 other people during a pandemic and has been doing so all year what”. Meanwhile, another user shared how they cannot understand how influencers like Charli, Dixie; Madi, Avani, Noah, etc decide it’s a great idea to go to the Bahamas during a global pandemic.

The user added that people are dying every day and shared how disappointed they are as the influencers are supposed to be good role models. All the TikTok stars have not commented on the topic; but Noah defended their getaway as he said it was really fun.

Noah Beck Insinuates Critics Are Jealous

Talking about the backlash, the influencer said it is what it is. He further added how he thinks especially in the business they are in, one needs some time to disconnect for a little. The influencer said, “It was just a little trip to getaway. Wanted to get away from everything and we took a private jet, so it was just us.”

He further added that the critics are probably jealous of their lifestyle and would join them in the Bahamas if they could. “Let’s say, it’s just kind of funny because let’s say; that someone who’s commenting on our stuff, like, ‘You guys need to stay home,’ and stuff like that. Let’s say we DM one of them, like; ‘Yo, we want to fly you out to the Bahamas.’ If they say, ‘Yeah,’ then you screenshot it and say, ‘This you?’ or something like that,” he said. “It’s just not even worth it.”

The TikTok star also added that the trip was important for their mental health. He said they needed a little time away to “reset”. However, his comments only led to more criticism and backlash as critics slammed him. They labeled him as ‘selfish’ and ‘tone-deaf’.

“Noah Beck saying; ‘I went to the Bahamas just to get my mind off things” is the epitome of rich and white privilege,” one person wrote. While another user tweeted saying Noah and his friends went to the Bahamas so they could ‘getaway’ and ‘disconnect’. The user labeled all of them as ‘dumb as hell’.

Dixie & Charli’s Another Scandal

“They’re absolutely nothing but selfish spoiled tone-deaf brats who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter,” someone else commented. The D’Amelio sisters’ latest scandal comes over a month after they were slammed for being rude to their personal chef.

The video in the first episode of their new YouTube series, Dinner with the D’Amelios received backlash. Throughout the meal, Charli and Dixie made faces and gagged in response to their chef Aaron May’s offerings. Charli later asked for ‘Dino nuggets’ while Dixie ran outside to throw up after eating a snail that was in the traditional paella.

Charli lost over a million followers in one day, but she gained them almost as quickly. Just days after the controversy, she became the first TikTok star to reach 100 million followers on the platform.


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