TikToker Noah Beck Explains Why He Never Drinks Alcohol

Noah Beck is one of the most famous personalities on TikTok. He rose to fame with his viral TikTok videos and has amassed over 30 million followers on the platform today.

Noah Beck was also a part of the famous TikTok content collective ‘The Sway House’. He lived with other creators like Josh Richards, Bryce Hall, Blake, and more under the same roof and collaborated on content.

Noach Beck’s Career

Noach Beck is amongst the new age of Internet celebrities that came from TikTok and expanded their presence on other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Noah, just like other TikTokers, is highly successful on YouTube as well. He has more than 1.5 million subscribers and he uploads vlogs and fun clips on the platform.

Recently, in his ‘Beckseat with Noah’ series, the TikToker invited his mom and the two had candid conversations about a range of subjects. One amongst them was ‘drinking alcohol’.

After Noah Beck’s mom inquired about his relationship with drinking alcohol, the TikToker went on to explain why he has never drank and never plans to drink alcohol in his entire life.

‘I Find No Interest In It’

“I just find no interest in it,” he said. “And like growing up and seeing a lot of my friends do it now makes me not want to do it even more because of how ridiculous they look.”-

“I get it, people are probably like ‘oh my god Noah, shut up, live a little,’ and it’s like, I could have so much fun but it’s just that’s not always my idea of fun.

Noah’s mom says that she’s “not worried about any of that.”

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