TikToker Meredith Duxbury Addresses Hate Comments On Makeup Routine

TikToker Meredith Duxbury Addresses Hate Comments On Makeup Routine

Meredith Duxbury, the TikTok sensation with over 17 million followers, has a history of causing trouble. Her foundation application technique, in which she applies an excessive amount of product to her face, has provoked numerous online arguments. Despite the criticism, Meredith dismisses it with a grin and focuses on the positive.

The 24-year-old beauty maker spoke exclusively to E! News about her rise to stardom and the values she intends to instill in her youthful audience. “It was hard when I first started TikTok because there were so many people giving their opinions at a fast pace,” she explained. “But I don’t let the haters faze me.”

Meredith feels that cosmetics should be a liberating and exploratory form of self-expression, with no boundaries or expectations. She is proof that her technique not only works but that people enjoy it.

Meredith’s most recent ad with e.l.f. Cosmetics is another example of her stepping outside of her comfort zone and inspiring others to do the same. “The campaign is so powerful,” she stated. “It’s going to bring people happiness seeing such fun expressions.”

Finally, Meredith’s message is simple: If you’re satisfied with yourself, that’s all that matters. So, go ahead and play with your cosmetics, have fun, and ignore the naysayers.


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