TikToker Addison Rae Lip Syncs To Upcoming Single ‘I Got It Bad’

TikToker and Internet celebrity Addison Rae has taken the fans by surprise after she teased her new single ‘I Got It Bad’ in a TikTok video.

Addison Rae rose to fame with her dance and lip synch videos on TikTok but she has made sure that she does more than just TikTok.

The influencer released her debut single in March 2021 titled ‘Obsessed’. She was also seen in the Netflix romcom ‘He’s All That’ this year.

Addison Rae revealed earlier that she is also working on a full-length album which would be coming out soon. Now, it feels that the time has come for the Album to be released.

‘You Bless My Ears’

Addison Rae teased her new song ‘I Got It Bad’ on her alt-TikTok account and fans cannot contain their excitement.

She also gave a tiny snipped of the song back in July but this time, it was a longer video to which Addison lip-syncs.

One fan wrote “Release the song already I cannot wait” while another said “omg you bless my ears”.


Addison Rae has also received a fair share of criticism for using auto tune in her songs and haters insist that she stick to making TikTok videos. However, the TikToker shows no signs of slowing down.

Just recently, Adisson Rae was also invited to the Milan Fashion Week. She mispronounced the Fashion Brand ‘Versace’ in one of her TikTok videos which prompted critics to call her out.

Addison Rae has since then responded to the criticism. You can check out that story here.


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