Thorpe believes England must improve decision-making to save the Sydney Test

Thorpe believes England must improve decision-making to save the Sydney Test

Graham Thorpe has requested England’s batters to save the Sydney Test and show that they have absorbed the learnings of a tough campaign, as he backed the team’s wounded players like Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes to do everything they can to be ready for what might happen to be their last appearances of this tough tour.

England came close once in the three concluded tests, after Buttler’s grity 26 from 207 balls was unable to carry England to safety on the final day at Adelaide. It is uncertain whether he’ll be capable of performing to that level again after bruising his hand while keeping on the second day, but Thorpe was hopeful that the commitment he showed in that innings would inspire his team-mates to rise to the moment.

However, with 98 overs scheduled on the final day, Thorpe reckons that England will need to improve their decision-making if they are to avoid being thrashed to their fourth defeat of the series. He pinpointed England’s captain, Joe Root, as an example of a player who could have done better in the first innings, after edging to slip for a duck during England’s collapse on the third morning.

England are tied at the Harsh End of the Game – Thorpe
“Each individual can assess how they play,” he said. “You saw how Jos went about it in Adelaide. I still like people to be positive in the way they’re thinking and the ability to score runs as well, because it puts you in a better place. But it’s about little blocks of time as well tomorrow. Ten overs each, trying to work together as partnerships.
“We’ve obviously got some blows to some fingers, but I’m sure the lads will take whatever they need to take to get themselves into a position where they’re capable of performing tomorrow,” he added. “So they’ll all bat and they will do their very best. I know that.”
“It was a poor shot in the first innings, and we played some poor shots, pushing at balls which you don’t need to push at,” Thorpe said. “They’re aware of it and they kick themselves when they come in. But that is the game. You have to make those decisions and get them right on the pitch.
“I do believe that some of the young players in this team will have very good and long Test careers, but they have to be able to front up and accept some of their failings – whether it be technically or mentally – in periods on this tour.
“I know that they’re trying to correct it. And I’m hoping that some of these younger guys will be far better players down the line with their awareness, their smartness, their decision-making absolutely key.

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