This Wuhan shrimp seller has been identified as the first patient of coronavirus

An old lady who sells shrimps in Wuhan has been identified as the ‘patient-zero’ of the global pandemic of coronavirus!

The world is still fighting from the global pandemic of COVID-19, or as it is popularly known, the novel coronavirus. Amid all of this, the origin of the disease has been identified. Wei Guixian, a 59 year old shrimp seller from Wuhan is believed to be the ‘patient-zero’ of the virus.

According to the reports, she had consulted a local clinic after she developed a flu on December 10. After noticing no improvement in her condition, she later visited Eleventh Hospital followed by Wuhan Union Hospital on December 16. While she was told that her sickness was “ruthless”, many others reported having same symptoms from the Huanan market.

Wei recovered from the illness in January after a month long of treatment. But she believes that the Chinese government could have kept a check on the pandemic had it acted sooner.

She also believes that she contracted the disease after sharing toilet seats with other local vendors in the market.

As going by the report of The Paper, Wei, although identified as ‘patient-zero’, might not be the first person to have contracted the virus.

Talking about the spread of COVID-19, Italy has been the most severely hit country with over 10,000 deaths, followed by Spain and China. USA has reported the most no. of affected cases which has crossed 1 lakh. Other severely affected countries from the virus include Iran, France and UK.