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This smartwatch will protect the body temperature from corona

A smartwatch has come out that will protect us from the corona virus outbreak by revealing the temperature of the body. It tells real-time body temperature, so that users can know about infection immediately.

Countries around the world are trouble by the outbreak of Corona virus. Recently a smartwatch has come out that will protect us from corona virus (Covid-19) by revealing the temperature of the body. The smartwatch, named Ticwris GTS, tells real-time body temperature, so that users know before or immediately after infection.
There are many people all over the world who are cured even after being hit by the corona virus. In order to recover from the corona virus, it is necessary to be detected in the initial stage. In this case, this smartwatch can prove to be of great use. Actually, the temperature of a person vulnerable to corona virus rises rapidly. This smartwatch will detect that temperature and tell you.

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The specialty of Ticwris GTS:-

Not only the temperature, this smartwatch also counts your steps, the distance traveled and the calories spent. It also tells the messages and other notifications coming on the phone and also has an alarm clock, stopwatch. It also monitors your blood pressure, oxygen level and heart rate. Also tells how many hours you slept.

The smartwatch has a 1.3-inch display. On normal use, its battery lasts for 5 days. It can connect with both Android and iOS devices. It comes in three different colors Black, Pink and Blue.

There are many advantages to finding body temperature through smart watch instead of thermometer. You can’t keep a thermometer with you all the time, but the smartwatch always carries with you. You use 2 meters when you feel uncomfortable with yourself while the smart watch measures real-time temperature before you feel it.

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