This Marvel Spider-Man Actor Wants To Play Moon Knight

This Marvel Spider-Man Actor Wants To Play Moon Knight

Yuri Lowenthal, Marvel’s Spider-Man actor has revealed his interest in playing Moon Knight in a video game about the Marvel hero. The character was newly introduced in the MCU but has already gained a lot of popularity.

Moon Knight’s MCU debut premiered on Disney+ earlier this year and fans were already hoping for a second season. Fortunately, for them, Oscar Isaac, the actor who plays Moon Knight teased a second season. At this point, it’s hard to say the actual role of Moon Knight in the MCU but fans are looking forward to it.

However, fans are also left urging for a game for the character. There have been rumors about an Iron Man game from EA and probably a Black Panther title too. After hearing these rumors, fans are expecting to see a game for Moon Knight as well.

Now fans have begun speculating what the game would look like. A Youtuber Evan Filarca gave a suggestion that Marvel’s Spider-Man actor Yuri, should play Moon Knight in the game. The actor already plays Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the Insomniac Games series.

He is also expected to reprise his role in 2023 for the sequel. However, we even got a response from Yuri about this in the tweet itself. The actor responded with the same enthusiasm and suggested he might be open to playing the Marvel hero.

As of right now, fans are just expressing their desire and nothing is fixed. So this does not hint at him actually playing the hero but it is good to know if approached what his response will likely be.

Insomniac Games, on the other hand, has confirmed that they are working on Marvel’s Wolverine. But the mystery of who will play the character lingers on. After the hit of the Batman: Arkham series and Spider-Man titles, the gaming industry seems to have video game adaptations of superheroes be just as lucrative for actors as for the live-action adaptations.

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