This K-Pop Artist To Star In “Transplant”, A Psychological Thriller Film

Kpop artist is now making their debut in the acting world and it’s kind of amazing! One such Kpop star has confirmed to star in a feature psychological thriller. Let’s find out who he is.

Eric Nam who is known for his popular songs like Honestly, I don’t know you anymore, Paradise, Lost on me, Love Die Young and many more are now all set to debut in a feature film by Forest Whittaker and Nina Yang’s Bongiovi’z significant productions.

Other than songwriter and singer, Eric is also a TV personality, one of the shows he starred in is “Korean Descent”. The film is named “Transplant” and Jason Park is going to helm the movie. This news of Eric Nam’s debut was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

Eric Nam will be playing the role of Jonah Yoon, other co-stars also include Bill Camp as Harmon, Michelle Okkyung Lee, Adam Arkin, and April Grace. The co-writers of the screenplay are Jason Park and David J Lee. Producers are said to be Whittaker and Bongiovi.

The film is financed by two organizations one of which is Endeavour Content and the other is AUM Group. The productions are already wrapped up in Los Angeles, a specific date is not yet revealed for the film release.

In a statement released, Nina Yang Bongiovi mentioned that she & forest loves to work in a “feature directorial debut of auteurs “and they got this amazing screenplay by Jason which “dives into cultural specificities, yet conveys immense universal appeal”.

The statement further reads, ” All the filmmakers that we’ve collaborated with have continued to shift the paradigm in Hollywood through authentic representation in narratives, and we see Jason having the same exemplary trajectory.”

About Transplant

The story of the film revolves around a top surgical resident named Jonah Yoon, who works at a prestigious hospital. He has a grueling drive to achieve, as he works as a trainee under a doctor named Dr. Edward Harmon who is renowned as a heart transplant surgeon. The doctor is also obsessed with upholding his impeccable reputation.

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