This Is Us Season 6 Ep 9 Recap: Kate Thrives & Finds Herself Up The Hill

This Is Us Season 6 Ep 9 Recap: Kate Thrives & Finds Herself Up The Hill

This week’s episode of This Is Us takes us right back with The Big Three by focusing on Kate.

The episode is directed by Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca on the show, and written by Casey Johnson, David Windsor, and Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate. The episode focuses exclusively on Kate from Pearson pool day to the current hurdle in her marriage.

Viewers took a look at several periods of her life and how she thrived when she was left alone. This Is Us season 6 episode 9 picks up from the same Pearson family visit to the pool from the previous episode. However, this time things are seen from little Kate’s perspective.

Kevin wishes to jump off the diving board like other kids, while Kate tried to overcome her fear of swimming without actually getting into the pool. Rebecca tries to approach a furious Kevin and listens to him while Jack is trying to get Kate into the pool.

She tells Jack that she cannot be persuaded which he admires at first but then drags her in and tries to persuade her. He then begs her to let go of him so they can try to float, but she refuses, “Why would I?”

Fortunately for Kate, this works out as Jack sees her attitude as a cute expression of their love and agrees to take her out of the pool. The scene then shifts to teen Kate, Randall, and Kevin, who are stuck on the pool grounds after rooting for Kevin. Kate had previously sat with her brothers and thought about how empty she felt and how monotonous her life had become in Pittsburgh.

Madison assures Kate that he is still there and she has to find him.

The siblings finally turn to their last choice: scaling the fence, which appears to Kate to be an insurmountable undertaking, but her brothers urge. Randall jumps over first, ready to assist her in getting down on the other side, while Kevin sits atop the fence to assist her in getting up. Kate, on the other hand, refuses to try again after her first failed attempt.

Toby and Kate return home after the historic Pearson Thanksgiving in This Is Us, while simultaneously preparing Kate’s trip to San Francisco to work on their long-distance marriage. Before the journey, viewers see a montage of a day in Kate’s life, which depicts her as a happy, wonderful mom-and-teacher. She brings the kids to the park, sings with them, and organizes a retirement party for a coworker.

Later that night, Kate and Madison watch Fight Club together and Kate expressed her desire to see Old Toby, before he lost all the weight, got a new job, and dressed better. Madison assures Kate that he is still there and she has to find him.

The ride to San Francisco becomes a rollercoaster, and Kate can’t help but compare the old Toby to the new Toby. Toby is unable to pick her up from the airport at first, and their time together is disrupted by business calls.

The following day on This Is Us, Kate rejects Toby’s well-planned agenda in favor of spontaneity. When Kate learns of Toby’s plans to uproot their lives in the city and refuse a job opportunity in LA, this escalates into a quarrel between them. When she confronts Toby, she discovers how content he is with his new life and how he will never be the same again.

Toby then remarks on how happy Kate appears to be since he went to the city and how she has matured into a complete version of herself. Kate then admits to the same but adds that the person who assisted her in getting there is also the sole thing making her unhappy. This hints at how they helped one other grow, but it was also what drove them apart.

Toby tenderly offers the same to Kate the next morning, but she walks away. She then goes out to the hill Toby said she couldn’t climb and begins to climb it. She struggles but ultimately makes it to the top. When she does, she calls Philip and asks to be considered for the position of a retiring colleague, implying that she is not on board with Toby’s uprooting plan.

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