This Indian Tech Startup Marks a New Milestone in the World of Digital Advancements

The rapid rise in demand for new technological advancements is being met with by an equally rising rate of innovative developments pioneered by tech firms. One such up and coming name is Fancall Pvt. Ltd., an Indian tech startup based out of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, which has recently launched its application, Fancall – the beginning of a new wave of digital revolution.

The virtual distance between YouTubers and their viewers had been decreasing steadily, before it hit a standstill. What next? How do we bridge the gap a little more? This is where Fancall comes into the picture.

The app is one of its kind, not just in India but in the world. It enables direct one-on-one communication between YouTubers and their viewers, via personal video calls. Yes, you did just read that. A radical idea, yet one that remained unexplored until recently.

When asked about the app, its conception, functions, and practicality, here’s what the founders had to say –

Q: What is Fancall?

A: It’s an influencer marketing application that helps bridge the gap between YouTubers and their fans – via direct, personal video calls. No third party. It’s quite simple, really. The YouTuber announces their preferred timings / slots, which can then be booked by those who wish to connect with them.

Q: What makes Fancall different from other influencer marketing platforms and apps out there?

A: In the digital age, influencer collaboration has the potential to be a game changer for businesses, and they’re starting to realise that. However, sometimes, many are put off by the idea of going through a layer of intermediaries in order to connect and collaborate with a creator of their choice.

While the market abounds with influencer marketing apps, Fancall is the first and only one in India that offers to connect YouTubers with their fans – with no middlemen, third parties, or intermediaries of any kind. While most platforms are exclusively designed to cater to YouTubers and brands seeking collaborations, Fancall is open to all who wish to communicate with YouTubers. You may be a fan of the influencer and you may simply wish to have a short conversation with them – Fancall makes this possible.

Q: What sparked this idea?

A: Well, I’ve been an avid consumer of video content, especially on YouTube. The second best thing on YouTube?  The comments section! Sometimes, it’s almost as good as the video itself. Some comments are amusing, some are insightful, some interrogative, some lost. I mean, we do also understand that it may not be possible for YouTubers to be able to reply to every comment. However, did you know that engaging with viewers is actually one of the most effective ways to grow a YouTube channel? I remember thinking that we need an application or a platform that helps YouTubers better connect with their viewers.

Factor in the fact that CPC and ad revenues are often disappointing for YouTubers! What we needed was an app that could make things better for both parties. That’s when the idea of Fancall was conceived – to offer a one-stop solution. An app that helps fans reach out and connect with YouTubers, who can make a small profit off it.

Q: Why exclusively YouTubers?

Well, whenever you or I wish to get a better understanding of something or want to do a thorough search, one of the first websites we hit is YouTube. Think about how much better and more convenient it would be to be able to contact the gurus directly, without having to wait hours or even days for a response.

Here’s something interesting – did you know that YouTube currently enjoys a worldwide user base of nearly 2240.03 million? By 2025, this figure is estimated to touch 2854.14 million!

Not surprising, is it? With YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine, next only to Google, we identified a need for a platform that could bring the YouTubers closer to their audience. Additionally, considering that influencer marketing and collaboration are topping the list of career choices for many creators out there, we decided to develop an application that would simplify the process a little bit, speeding up their journey.

Q: You mentioned that this app is for everyone. Could you elaborate?

A: Absolutely. It’s not simply for brands or businesses looking to collaborate with a YouTuber. It definitely enables hassle-free communication between businesses and creators. No unending waits for a reply, no expensive intermediaries, no snags. Though it can do so much more than that.

Say you’re a student and there’s a particularly nasty math or physics problem that’s haunting you, or maybe you’re about to invest in a new gadget and you want to make absolutely certain that your investment is worth it – basically, every time you need an expert’s opinion. You can simply book a slot with your desired YouTuber and voilà! No waiting for long before you get a reply to your comment, DM, or email. You see?

Q: What’s the catch?

A: There is none! Safe, simple, secure personal calls via the app. No third parties, no hidden costs. We do charge a small service fee to run the platform as smoothly as possible, but that’s it. If you have a look at our interface and the process, you would be able to see that we believe in keeping things as simple as possible. The only change will be the addition of newer and helpful features.

Small and medium businesses can brace themselves for some excitement. The world of influencer collaborations just got a lot easier. It’s safe to say that Fancall is all set to bring the world one tap closer to a digital revolution.


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