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Think carefully before visiting parks and beaches – UK Scenario

People are being asked to “think carefully” before visiting national parks and beaches on the first weekend. Although nationwide lockdown in the UK has been partially relaxed, people are advised to stay at home.

As the Metropolitan Office predicts that the weather is clear and summer is here in UK. Public is urged to continue to abide by the rules of social distance. People should avoid public places that may cause spread of coronavirus.

Since Wednesday 13th, the restrictions in England have been relaxed. It means that people are no longer limited to the opportunity to exercise outdoors every day. They can also drive to the beaches and countryside of England alone or with the same family members. People can picnic, sunbathe and relax in public places.

On Friday, for the second consecutive day in Devon and Cornwall in UK, there were no new reports of COVID-19-related hospital deaths. According to NHS England data, the total number of hospital deaths in these two counties were 257.

So far, 84 people have died in hospitals in Cornwall-25 people have died in the Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust Fund. About 59 people have died in the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust Fund.

NHS Stats

During Devon, 173 coronavirus patients died. The largest number of deaths (75) was at Deliford Hospital, 42 at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, 36 at Torbay Hospital, 18 at North Devon Hospital and 1 at Mount Gould Hospital in Plymouth example. Despite the new freedoms, police forces, tourism bureaus and park administrations across the country urged caution.

People are encouraged to act responsibly and ensure that they abide by the two-meter social distance rules that still exist. Ask the driver to “go elsewhere” if he wants to find many parked cars and people in a specific location.

Mike Walker, assistant chief police officer of the Cleveland Police Department, said: “As we enter a new phase of loosening restrictions, many of us cannot spend more time outdoors, and personal responsibility is now the key. “Please carefully consider where you are going and how to keep distance from others.”

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