These Players Are Getting Their Last Chance To Return To The NBA!

These Players Are Getting Their Last Chance To Return To The NBA!

The Golden State Warriors are planning to give an opportunity to some NBA veterans in order to provide depth to their roster. These players were once considered to be reaching groundbreaking levels but they fell off way quickly and have been out of the league for quite some time. Here are the players whom the Warriors will give another shot at redemption.

Ben McLemore

When he got drafted, McLemore was expected to make a huge jump in the league. He had a decent first 2 seasons with the Sacramento Kings. On his 3rd season, he was expected to breakout but instead he degraded. His shots weren’t falling and he turned out to be a terrible 3-point shooter. Based on the requirement for the NBA.

The Kings sat him out and soon after he fell out of the rotation. He then became a journeyman moving from teams to teams. He had an attempt at a resurgence season in Houston but even that went to waste. Right now McLemore is 29 years of age and is still seeking a chance to be back in the league.

Elfrid Payton

Payton was supposed to be a high-level playmaker who has full-court vision. It was expected that with his combination of passing and shooting he would be a boost for the Orlando Magic. But that did not happen. Sure Payton was doing decent with the Magic but the team was stagnated. His absence from the team did not show any effect either instead the team was better defensively without him.

Payton then moved from team to team and became a journeyman who wanted a place in the roster’s rotation. It is highly unlikely that he will get a place in the Warrior’s roster considering his lack of a 3-point shot, but he definitely has a chance with his playmaking.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

When Jefferson was brought to the league, he was thought to be an athletic forward who can do it all. His defense was highly appreciated along with his athleticism. When he entered the league an early injury sidelined him for the majority of the season.

It was though it would take him some time to recuperate so the Nets were patient but that day would never come. In the 2017-18 season, he put up some solid numbers but that he would slump back to his piss-poor shooting. After leaving the Nets he stayed in the league for 2 more seasons but then got kicked out. Jefferson is just 28 years old and still has a lot left in his tank to give. The Warriors can take a chance but where will he fit?

Kenneth Faried

Faried entrance to the league was filled with skepticism. He was a highly athletic Power Forward who could do it all on the court. He didn’t have a jumper but could pull out his post moves and catch lobs and shoot. He had decent years with the Nuggets where his relentless hustle plays was highly praised.

But as much upside Faried had, the league had overtaken him with 3-point shooting. His numbers dropped when he left Denver and would always fall out from a team’s rotation. He had the most abrupt ending despite being part of the USA team that won gold in the 2014 FIBA World Cup. With the Warriors’ lineup however, Faried would fit if he played a similar role like Kevon Looney.

This is the last chance that the above players will get from any team. They are lucky that the Warriors considered them to be in the position to be a part of their championship team. Of course it is too soon to tell that they will be selected but if they do then they better make it count!

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