Hulk Hogan

The WWE Hall Of Famer, Hulk Hogan Unintentionally Tweeted A Private Message

Upon realising his error, Hulk Hogan instantly removed the social media private message he had unintentionally posted to his followers. The WWE Hall of Famer is perhaps the most important wrestler to ever step foot inside a WWE arena. Many people think of him as the best superstar of all time.

Hogan has a sizeable Twitter following with more than 2 million followers and occasionally tweets on their behalf. Recent tweets from Hulk Hogan were incredibly private and were obviously meant to be given to specific people via Direct Message. Before deleting the embarrassing tweet, the Hulkster said, “I ran out of toilet paper, brother, help!”

Hogan’s tweet quickly gained popularity, and for the past few hours, wrestling fans have been sharing screenshots of it. The Hall of Famer’s tweet from 2011 criticising “Jabronie Marks” is now widely recognized as the greatest tweet a wrestler has ever sent. Sadly, Hogan removed the tweet last year because she could take no more of the insults and teasing.

WWE Hall of Famer’s career

Recently, Hogan appeared on RAW XXX. He introduced the historic occasion alongside Jimmy Hart, another WWE Hall of Famer, and praised RAW for its successes over the years. At this moment, Hogan must have recognized that his Twitter gaffe had sparked a ton of amusing responses on the social media platform.

The Two Skilled Manpower Trip of Wrestling podcast welcomed “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan on their programme for a quick chat in which they discussed the former WWE Hall of Famer’s career. The Hulkster was asked a series of questions, including one about a possible comeback and whether he would have another battle in the future.

“No,” Hogan said emphatically. “I mean, I’ve had 23 operations in the previous ten years.” You know, I’ve had ten back operations. Both hips and knees are affected. “Forget about it.” The former WWE Champion revealed who he’d like to face today if he could compete again in the ring. His last authoritative recorded match was for IMPACT Wrestling on a tour of the UK in 2012, partnering with “Cowboy” James Storm and Sting.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.