The Weeknd “Crushed and Heartbroken” By Hometown Concert Being Postponed

The Weeknd sent out a statement to his followers on his Instagram story about 90 minutes after his “After Hours Til Dawn” stadiums tour’s first show in Toronto was postponed. The event was postponed shortly after doors were supposed to open because of a whole day outage of Rogers Wireless, one of Canada’s largest cellular networks.

What Did He Say?

“I’m crushed & heartbroken,” he wrote. “Been at the venue all day but it’s out of our hands because of the Rogers outage. Operations and safety are compromised and I tried my absolute best. This one hurts the most, and we will make this show happen, but unfortunately not tonight. I know how long you’ve been waiting and how hard a lot of you worked to make it to the show and experience this special moment with me. I can’t wait to see you all.”

It would have been risky to hold the event in these circumstances, as The Weeknd acknowledges in his statement. Ironically, the venue is sponsored by and named after Rogers, the wireless provider experiencing the outage. Except for fans who have saved their tickets to Apple Wallet or other non-Wifi-reliant apps, all transactions at the Rogers Centre, formerly known as the Skydome, including those for goods, food, beverages, and the majority of tickets, are WiFi-reliant.

The Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino declared the government was on “high alert” for cyberattacks by Russia and others just one month before the performance as a result of the deteriorating international ties brought on by the conflict in Ukraine.

Mendicino made this statement while testifying before the nation’s House of Commons public safety committee.

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