The Walking Dead Might've Just Set Up Rick Grimes' Movie Return

The Walking Dead Might’ve Just Set Up Rick Grimes’ Movie Return

The Walking Dead: World Beyond may have just set the stage for the Rick Grimes films; with hints from Jadis implying a CRM insurrection. Since Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the main Walking Dead series three years ago; and AMC’s subsequent announcement of a Walking Dead film trilogy; nothing has been divulged about what those films will involve; – or when they will be released.

However, shows like The Walking Dead and now World Beyond have given us some insight into what to expect. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is fans’ major insight at what the CRM is and where they fit into the overall franchise; despite the fact that it is not officially the reason for the series’ existence.

Years ago, the Civic Republic was first presented via a helicopter that appeared out of nowhere in one scene; subsequently being known as the helicopter group, but as time has passed; more and more details about what the Civic Republic performs have been disclosed. The Walking Dead: World Beyond aided in the exponential advancement of that idea. With only a few episodes left, there’s a chance that the series will tie-up with the films.

Dr. Leo Bennett and his family escaped the CRM facility with the organization’s civilian scientists and all of their data in The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2; episode 8, “Returning Point.” The Bennetts’ acts, according to Jadis; who has been elevated all the way up to Warrant Officer, aren’t just an escape attempt; but a rebellion. In reality, she’s correct, and this is the ideal time to set up Rick Grimes’ films. Should a rebellion break out, he has a good chance of leading it.

Rick Grimes’ whereabouts since leaving The Walking Dead have remained a mystery, but based on information discovered by Michonne in Season 10; Rick appears to have kept his family close to his heart. He’d do almost anything to get back to them, and working for organisations like the CRM isn’t his strong suit. The entire storey of World Beyond could very well be building the groundwork for a rebellion within the Civic Republic; which would then be carried over into the theatrical films. If that’s the case, the movies would have more than just survivors fighting zombies.

Even still, World Beyond’s last season has two episodes left before the CRM series comes to an end. When you consider that The Walking Dead will finish next year, as well as Fear The Walking Dead’s CRM plot; the group’s future in the franchise appears dismal. There’s still so much more storey to be told; including where this potential uprising may lead, therefore the Rick Grimes films should be released sooner rather than later; as interest in the projects may dwindle.

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