The Voice: Girl Named Tom's Messy Set Has Fans Asking If Judges Are Drunk

The Voice: Girl Named Tom’s Messy Set Has Fans Asking If Judges Are Drunk

On Monday, November 29, the Top 10 of ‘The Voice’ Season 21 put on a show with the goal of filling the Top 8 seats for next week’s semifinals showcase. Team Kelly’s Girl Named Tom sang a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ to round out this week’s first programme.’

The most recent episode was named ‘Challenge Week,’ and the competitors were required to sing a song that was not in their genre. Bekah Liechty and her older brothers, Caleb and Joshua, of The Girl Named Tom, are normally comfortable with folk versions; but they had no issue pulling off a pop hit.

Before they landed on stage in front of the rest of the judges, including John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton; Kelly Clarkson aided them by offering them some advice. While the coaches praised the band’s performance, the majority of social media users thought the trio’s performance was a disaster.

The members of the Girl Named Tom looked magnificent in all-black ensembles as they performed in the semifinals to earn a coveted spot. The Indiana-based band was praised for their tight harmonies, as well as the fact that each member took a few solo lines. Blake Shelton complimented the group on how beautiful their voices were individually; while speaking with them. John also chimed in, saying that he was picturing how much fun their shows would be.

Many Criticised The Band For Their Weakest Performance Till Date

Kelly, their coach, was overjoyed with their performance and looked certain that they would advance to the playoffs. “We felt powerful tonight,” the band said on Twitter after sharing an image from their most recent performance. For those who are unaware, the next programme, which will air on Tuesday, November 30, will have three vocalists at the bottom. Only one participant will receive an instant save, while the other two will be sent home.

‘The Voice’ fans gave their honest opinions on Girl Named Tom’s ‘Challenge Week’ performance; with many criticising the band for their weakest performance to date. “I love them, but this might be their last week”, said one user as another chimed in, “Omg! WTF! What is going on? This is their worst performance. This is so horrible. The girl is off key. Please remove this comfort zone bs lol.”

One user added, “Wow that was not good.” The next one tweeted, “THIS is so-called a challenge, the most different from their past performance. There might be some volume issues, but they did great, goosebumps”. Another trolled the trio saying, “To me this performance was all over the place, literally”; as another mentioned, “What in gods name is this mess.” One user concluded, “Are these judges drunk? Girl Named Tom sounded like a high school band if the band didn’t know how to sing.”

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