The Voice Fans Stunned As Kique Performs In Isolation

The Voice Fans Stunned As Kique Performs In Isolation

The Voice came back with a brand new episode on November 28. The Top 10 contestants went against each other in live playoffs. They were fighting to get America to vote for them leading them to eventually win.

As the semi-finals are coming closer, the contestants wanted to impress the judges as well as the audience with their performances. However, for this week’s performance, the contestants sang the songs chosen for them by the fans.

All of the performances were amazing but the one that got special praise was that of Kique. He performed irrespective of being sick as he had tested positive for COVID-19 before the live-playoffs. The contestant performed in isolation.

However, his performance wasn’t live but pre-recorded. He recorded his performance in a studio near his home and fans were impressed. They loved that Kique went the extra mile and praised his dedication and love for performing. Fans took to social media to express their thoughts.

Fans apprcieated his efforts despite being sick and delivering such a passionate performance. They claimed it was an amazing performance and were thoroughly surprised to see that he could perform. Fans also wished for his speedy recovery and sent him best wishes.

Kique was saved last week by fans after his performance during the wildcard entry. Fans chose Call Out My Name by The Weeknd for him. After his performance, John Legend lauded his rich voice especially in the low tone. Gwen Stefani, Kique’s coach also appreciated his “flawless” performance. t


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