The Unicorn Season 1 To Leave Netflix In October 2021

Comedy series ‘The Unicorn’ aired on CBS in 2019. The season 1 of the show was released on Netflix as well in October of 2020.

However, it is now believed that season 1 will soon depart from the platform while season 2 of The Unicorn will not release on Netflix.

Renewed For Season 2

The Unicorn has a stellar cast featuring Walton Goggins in the lead role. Goggins plays the role of a widower who struggles to up-bring two of his offsprings.

In May 2020, The Unicorn was renewed for a second season. The third season wasn’t coming due to the poor performance of season 2.

Why Not On Netflix?

But why is season 2 not coming to Netflix? It is because CBS only planned to release the first season of the show as a ‘marketing effort’.

This is similar to the show ‘Evil‘. While it won’t be renewed for another season on Netflix, it has been renewed for a nee season on CBS.

The Unicorn is now due to leave Netflix with every episode set to expire on October 1st, 2021. International rights to the series remain unsold according to our research so it is a possibility that Netflix may scoop them up but in most instances, CBS properties are shopped elsewhere or not at all.


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