The Undertaker’s Reaction To Israel Adesanya UFC 276 Entrance

Undertaker was one of the ringleaders of the ring. Deadman is not completely dead in the WWE world as he has given many memorable moments in the WWE universe. Although he has been out of the ring for a long time but he still looks important as he has been working.

Phenom is currently in the news following Israel Adesanya’s performance of The Deadman’s entrance walk on UFC 276 on Sunday, which delighted his fans again.

Israel Adesanya’s UFC 276 entrance received praise from The Undertaker

Israel Adesanya in UFC 276 entered the arena carrying a urn and wearing a cap, exactly the same way as the Undertaker, just before the battle of the big event between him and Jared Cannoner.

MMA and WWE communities began posting on twitter their enthusiasm about the entry, which has created chaos apparently. Finally, Undertaker responded to Adesanya’s “Deadman Walk” action. He praised The Last Style Bender for winning and recalled that his departure often shocked many opponents.

Additionally, when reporter Ariel Helwani asked Taker about his views on the Bender style move, he said, “I thought it was great! He’s not just a great fighter. He’s an amazing comedian too! Tyson Fury is knocked down and sits as UT and Adesanya using my walkout! That’s great! ”

Taker looked impressed with the UFC champion and praised him, calling him a “great fighter and an amazing fighter.” Undoubtedly, this entry will go down in the history of the UFC as one of the most amazing and famous landmarks.

The Undertaker refused to let former WWE Champion dress like him

Matt Hardy revealed details when Jeff Hardy wanted to make himself an Undertaker during their 2002 WWE competition. The Deadman defeated Jeff Hardy in a ladder match on the July 1, 2002, episode of RAW to maintain the Undisputed Championship. At that point, Charismatic Enigma asked his on-screen rival if he could wear an old school Undertaker outfit as part of the story.

Speaking on the podcast “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”, Matt Hardy recalled how the WWE icon ruined that idea:

“I remember ‘Taker shot the idea down pretty quickly. I do remember Jeff pitching it. Jeff said, ‘What if I could come out in the old Undertaker hat, come out in the entrance, and I get down and do the pose while ‘Taker’s in the ring?’ Like mocking him to enrage him off to try to set up this match down the road. He said, ‘No, I don’t wanna go there.’”

Jim Ross Comments on Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker is often played by fans. After Hardy dropped his rival, an experienced publisher shouted, “Go for it, Jeff! Climb the ladder, kid! Make yourself famous!”

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