Tom And Jerry The Movie Trailer

The Trailer for Tom & Jerry in New York Reintroduces Iconic Characters

A trailer for HBO’s Tom and Jerry in New York has been released, bringing back beloved characters from the cartoon. The hostile cats Tom and Jerry first appeared in a series of short films produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the 1940s, which focused on their actual cat and mouse games and rivalry, as well as other recurring characters.

The animation was revived by Warner Bros. in 2006, and it was most recently adapted in this year’s live-action/animated hybrid film Tom and Jerry, which followed the rivals’ exploits in New York City. Warner Bros. Animation’s latest Tom and Jerry project, Tom and Jerry in New York, an HBO Max Original animated comedy, was revealed last week.

Official Trailer

A trailer for HBO Max’s new animated series Tom and Jerry in New York has been published. Not only does the titular cat and mouse make a comeback in the new series, but so do some other popular characters including Spike the Bulldog and Butch Cat. On July 1, the animated comedy will premiere on HBO Max.

Darrell Van Citters, who also works as producer for Renegade alongside Ashley Postlewaite, directs the animated series. The show was executive produced by Sam Register, President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios.

At the 5-star Royal Gate Hotel in New York City, the cat and mouse’s adventures will continue. The episodes will feature Tom and Jerry invading a department store after hours, Jerry and an elephant escaping Tom in a museum, and Tom and Jerry’s crazy kiting trip, according to the show’s synopsis.

Spike the Bulldog and Butch the Alley Cat were both created for MGM animation shorts, so fans of Tom and Jerry will be happy to see them, as well as other legendary talking animal characters, return. The series will most likely launch soon after the film, indicating that Warner Bros. Animation is keen to capitalise on the characters’ rebirth. When Tom and Jerry in New York premieres on HBO Max in July, it will be fascinating to see how the franchise progresses.

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