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The Success Story Of Two Young Founders Haris Baloch and Mehran Khan

Haris Baloch and Mehran Khan are the two exemplary young entrepreneurs of Pakistan. People coming from a background where they don’t have many privileges, and making success is something that is admired a lot. To achieve something in life, you need to do not only hard work but motivation plays an important factor as well, people won’t motivate you on your success, and that is something which is completely on your own. There can be a few motivating factors in our life that can lead us to do great things in life, and for Haris Baloch and Mehran Khan, it was the need for a better life for themselves and their families and also the financial dependence. According to them, they had this dream very early in life, as they have told in various interviews. According to Mehran Khan and Haris Baloch, taking an early start in life can teach you a lot of things at a very early age, and even though you are not ready for them at that age still it will help you get a stable life, and you will learn a lot from that.

Interview with Haris Baloch and Mehran khan

Who is Haris Baloch?

Haris Baloch is a young entrepreneur from a small town in Balochistan named Kharan. Even though I am from a very small town, I still had a dream in me to achieve something big and do something bigger in life so that my name will be recognized. Success and achieving financial dependence were the only goal that led me through all the hard work. I am the co-founder of a social media marketing company known as Rifikao media.

Tell us about Rifikao media

Rifikao media is a social media marketing company that gives brands and people recognition on social media. With almost 2 million subscribers to the Rifikao media, we have achieved our goals so far for the year 2020, and with the way it’s going so far, the number will be so much more by the end of next year. Rifikao media wasn’t a success at the very first, and we, too, like other people, had to face many difficulties, but instead of giving up, we learned from our mistakes and made sure not to repeat them. Just like any other business Rifikao Media also faces many ups and downs but is still striving through them.

Mehran Khan, tell us something about yourself

I am also from a town named Kharan in Balochistan. I, too, at a very young age, moved from Kharan to Quetta with the same vision. Being from a non-privileged background, very fewer people aim for the higher goals in life, but when you are determined to achieve them, there could be nothing that can stop you from that. The same is the case in my story; I had bigger dreams, and from them is came to Quetta for the better opportunities. at a young age when you are still learning to survive in the practical world, not many opportunities come to your way, and the same was the case with me. I have to weave my way to the place I am right now, and in that, I had to face a lot of difficulties. But motivation and determination to achieve my goals led me to this.

How do you face challenges in your life?

Practical life is not easy, especially when you are still young age. It takes time to recognize people’s intentions, and by that, you have lost a lot. But there is only one thing that you can do at every point in your life, and that is to not give up. Giving up on your dreams, you can lose a lot more than you imagine. Being the co-founder of Rifikao media is not an easy job, but you have to face all the challenges that life throws at your way with a brave face. To run a company like that and to bring it to the position which it is today, you have to be able to face any challenge you face. Keeping an end goal in my mind and struggling to achieve it any way possible even after my downfall is what that has led me and my business venture to achieve this status.

What your advice for young entrepreneurs

When you set such examples in your life, more people will be motivated by that. Similarly, in our case, a lot of people who are inspired by our success and have similar goals want to learn a lot from us as well. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and being a young entrepreneur is even hardest, but with the right strategy, you can learn to do better. If you are interested in social media marketing, you should know things and social media platforms that are viral, and that will bring you a lot of audiences. Think of new things that will get people’s attention but also go with the content that can get the attention of a wide audience. Another advice that we have for young entrepreneurs is that don’t let other businesses that are successful than you intimidate you. There will be people you need who will try to intimidate you but always make sure to keep the best team that will help you through your thick and thin. Make sure to document every deal that you sign or any contract you make with another individual or company. Diversity in your content is also very important; when you provide diverse content to the people, it will attract people of all groups. And last but not least is that you should never give up no matter what happens. Things will be hard for you, just like for all the other entrepreneurs in a new business venture, so make sure to stay determined and true to your goals.

So, this was the short interview with Haris Baloch and Mehran khan, the two very young entrepreneurs from Pakistan.

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