The Story Behind Alluring Aesthetics – The Top Plastic Surgeon in San Antonio

Every day new plastic surgeons open in the US, but only few succeed. Alluring Aesthetics is the story of a plastic surgeon that leaves their customers ecstatic, and now is the go-to surgeon if you want any cosmetic procedure.

Alluring Aesthetics – Plastic Surgeon in San Antonio

Launched not more than 3 years ago, Alluring Aesthetics has already taken its spot as the top plastic surgeon in San Antonio and ranks amongst the best in the entire state of Texas. Alluring Aesthetics was created by Dr. Wendie Grunberg, whose extraordinary passion for giving women and men the opportunity to fulfil their dreams has left her with a loyal following and a huge amount of loyal customers.

The Story Behind Alluring Aesthetics

As mentioned, Alluring Aesthetics was launched by Dr. Grunberg, who has a deep passion for delivering amazing patient care. Dr. Grunberg initially studied at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and then completed her Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Texas. Fresh out of the University of Texas, she knew that she wanted to open her own practice, where women and men alike could come and have the procedures that they have been dreaming of for years completed with high-quality and great customer service.

There is no doubt that Dr. Grunberg’s love for plastic surgery and her ability to treat each individual as a unique canvas comes from her childhood and upgrowing. She grew up in a household where are art was a big focus, so she learned to look at things differently and how to be creative. This combined with her education in plastic surgery led to her extraordinary ability to deliver plastic surgeries that now have placed her as one of the best plastic surgeons on Texas.

In addition to this, Dr. Grunberg’s welcoming and down to earth personality has been perfect for this type of business. There is no doubt that deciding do get a plastic surgery is a huge and very stressful decision. It is life-changing, and not something that one decides on easily. For that reason, it is very important that the plastic surgeon is passionate as well as gifted. She is known for being down to earth, very approachable and has a great talent for putting people at ease. All qualities that are almost just as important as her ability to deliver surgeries of the highest quality.

Since the opening of Alluring Aesthetics things have gone really fast. Even though Alluring Aesthetics was opened just 3 years ago it has quickly gained a large loyal following with now more than 110k followers on Instagram that enjoy following all the amazing work that is taking place. People LOVE her Instagram as she will post her surgeries step by step, explaining in an educational and informative way each step. She also showcases her amazing work, showing a wide range of results from different patients and procedures.

Furthermore, Alluring Aesthetics has gained an amazing reputation with happy customers that talk about the amazing experience they had getting a surgery by Dr. Grunberg and Alluring Aesthetics.

Plastic Surgery – An Industry in Growth

With technological advancements and innovative procedures, Drs are now able to deliver safe, precise and high-quality plastic surgeries at reasonable costs. This has also led to plastic surgeries being an industry in heavy growth and is expected to increase with 2.7% in 2021 alone. In 2021 the market size of the Plastic Surgeon industry is $17.8 billion.

The technological advancements and innovative procedures have also resulted in something other than just higher quality, lower prices and a market in growth. It has resulted in so many more options when it comes to plastic surgeries. Not many years ago the only plastic surgeries you could get was some simple surgeries to remove wrinkles or make specific body parts a bit bigger. These were all extremely expensive, and there was a significantly higher risk involved with it as well.

Today, however, it is a completely different story. Reputable plastic surgeons of 2021 are able to provide a large number of different procedures, so that you can get a procedure that is perfect for your dreams and needs. Amongst the different procedures available in today’s market the main procedures are detailed below.

Procedures available at Alluring Aesthetics

Alluring Aesthetics offer a wide range of plastic surgeries, and they are capable of delivering that surgery that you have been dreaming of. Other than their main procedures below they also offer many different low and non-invasive treatments.

The main procedures Alluring Aesthetics offer are:

Mommy makeovers: A “mommy makeover” is typically a package of several different procedures like a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and liposuction.

Breast lifts: A “breast lift” lifts the breasts by getting rid of excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue, which results in a more youthful breast.

Breast augmentation: A “breast augmentation” is the process of using breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the size of your breasts.

VASER liposuction: “Vaser liposuction” is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat directly from under your skin. This can be very effective against areas with a lot of fat.

Brazilian butt lifts: With a “Brazilian butt lift” the goal is to improve the contour, size and shap of the buttocks according to what the client wants.

Tummy tucks: A “tummy tuck” procedure removes excess skin and fat, and restores weakened muscles, to create a firmer and smoother abdominal look.

Fat grafting: “Fat grafting” is a procedure where fat is removed from your body, purified and them immediately injected again to restore volume loss.

While Dr. Grunberg loves doing all of the different procedures for her customers, her favourite procedure is body sculpting with VASER liposuction.  

In conclusion, if you are looking for a simple and straight forward procedure or a complete “Mommy makeover” Dr. Grunberg and her team are able to put you at ease, explain in an easy to understand way how they will carry out the procedure and then deliver beyond expectation results.

Whether you are in San Antonio or a drive/flight away, if you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Texas and the US and results that will blow you away, we believe Alluring Aesthetics is the only option!

Alluring Aesthetics can be found at 255 E Sonterra Boulevard Suite 201, San Antonio, TX, 78258 or online at you can also call the office at 210-714-5390.


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