The Simpsons x Adidas Brings Accurate Ned Flanders Shoes News

The Simpsons x Adidas Brings Accurate Ned Flanders Shoes

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Time icon August 17, 2021

Adidas and The Simpsons have collaborated together to deliver a very weirdly accurate Ned Flanders shoe collaboration. Fans have loved the character of Ned Flanders since the start of the animated series, which is over 30 years ago.

Even though the series mostly catered for Bart’s popularity initially, Flanders eventually became a loveable and ridiculous character. Ned’s character acted as a perfect counterpoint to the antics of Homer Simpson. Eventually, the viewers were then introduced to the Flanders family in more detail. The character’s sons Rod and Todd have given us some laughs; as well as his wife Maude has offered hilarious appearances.

However, after season 22, the happiest Christian family was left devastated after Maude was killed off. Ned then married a local grade school teacher, Edna Krabappel. But then the character was killed off as well after the real-life actor, who was the voice of Edna, Marcia Wallace passed away.

Despite the tragedies that have been upon Flanders, his irritating nature has managed to charm audiences and make him one of the popular characters in Springfield. The character has a fashion sense which is described as “church dad chic”. He dons sweaters and slacks most of the time. Ned is one of the characters who is identified by his clothing choices; and this can possibly be the reason why Adidas has chosen the character for its latest Simpsons shoe collection.

The shoes are yet to be released but an exclusive look at them; and “hi diddy ho” it represents the character accurately. Hot New Hip Hop has provided us with the look of the new collaboration. The shoes, in Ned’s likeness, is green and brown as they are stylish and the perfect representation of the character.

For people who love sneakers, the box in which the Adidas McCartens come in is even more exciting. The box shows a direct reference to Flanders’ pride in being a left-hander and offers stunning Simpsons’ art. These new shoes will take their place among past Adidas/ Simpsons collaborations; which includes Flaming Moe’s and the Kwik-E-Mart’s icy Squishy beverage.

Recently, there have been people who think The Simpsons have peaked and it’s time for them to say goodbye. However, there is no indication of the series going off-air any sooner as the 33rd season is set to kick off next month; and the 34th season will be premiering for 2022.

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