The same way that WandaVision fixed Age of Ultron, Loki is saving Thor 2 News

The same way that WandaVision fixed Age of Ultron, Loki is saving Thor 2

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Time icon June 10, 2021

Marvel appears to be attempting to save Thor: The Dark World through Loki, in a manner similar to what WandaVision did with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Despite the fact that both MCU films were box office hits, they aren’t held in high respect in comparison to previous Marvel films.

Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Age of Ultron rank toward the bottom of the MCU’s filmography in terms of popularity. Both have problems and are widely considered to be the weakest sequels of their respective franchises. In fact, many fans have dubbed The Dark World the worst of the Marvel Movies, however whether or not this is accurate is controversial. Most criticisms were focused at its weak villain, bad treatment of the Thor-Jane Foster romance, failure to provide an unique MCU tale, and more.

The Dark World

The fate of Loki’s adopted mother, Specific context, was highlighted in the first episode of Loki, which brought life back to Thor: The Dark World (Rene Russo). Tom Hiddleston’s character’s participation in Frigga’s death was handled in a significant and dramatic way in a sequence where he observes what occurred to the main version of Loki.

When Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) recounted the facts to him, he came to the sad understanding that it was his responsibility that she died at the hands of Malekith (Christopher Eccleston). Frigga’s death (and Loki’s participation in it) should have always been a major character moment for him, so it was nice to see the series pay more attention to it.

Mind Stone

As previously stated, Thor: The Dark World is a troubled film, but that does not mean it, or any of the other inferior MCU films, should be abandoned — and that is exactly what has not happened. Many of the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron were revisited in detail in WandaVision, and how the Disney+ series addressed them went a long way toward improving the movie in retrospect, such as the in-depth look at how Wanda got her powers awakened by the Mind Stone, the impact Quicksilver’s death had on her, and HYDRA’s experiments on the twins. Marvel may be able to recreate this approach with Loki, giving audiences a greater sense of Thor: The Dark World.

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