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The Rock’s Mother Was Injured In A Vehicle Accident

The WWE veteran announced the news through his Instagram account yesterday night after learning that his mum had been in a vehicle accident. Fans of professional wrestling are fairly familiar with The Rock’s mother, Ata Johnson. She is one of the most admired people in the business and occasionally goes to WWE events.

The Rock posted a photo of the wrecked car on his official Instagram account after Ata Johnson was engaged in a car accident. He also posted a comment with the picture informing his followers of his mother’s good health. “She is fine, thank God. When my mother was involved in an automobile accident late yesterday night, merciful angels protected her. She will live and keep getting checked out.”

“This woman overcame lung cancer, a difficult marriage, a collision with a drunk driver, and a suicide attempt. She is a survivor in ways that confirm the existence of angels and miracles. We appreciate the LAPD and LAFD’s compassion and dedication. I appreciate you keeping up the call and explaining everything to me. If your parents are still alive, give them a big embrace since you never know when you might receive that dreaded 3 am call. I only have one parent left.”

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Immediately, a flood of messages from worried friends flooded The Great One’s post. In response to his message, former WWE Superstar Mercedes Moné wrote the following: “We are happy to hear that she is doing well. Love and prayers are sent.” Ata Johnson has endured a variety of challenges throughout the years and has managed to thrive despite them. Through thick and thin, the Brahma Bull has always stood by her side and provided unwavering support.

It’s no secret that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leads a very busy life. His recent schedule has been occupied by the “Black Adam” promotional tour and being in production on the movie “Red One” toward the end of the year. He is getting ready for the relaunch of the XFL football league and numerous other projects he’s involved with through his Seven Bucks production company.


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