The Rejuvenation Of A Long Lost Rivalry: The Beginning!

The Rejuvenation Of A Long Lost Rivalry: The Beginning!

The series between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics are at a standstill with 1-1. The intensity of the Finals is through the roofs and history is in the making with both teams having a lot on the line in order to achieve the gold. But this is not the first time these 2 teams matched up in such a high stakes game. In fact this matchup was considered to be legendary 60 years ago. We shall be going back in time to revitalize the memory of the forgotten past.

The history involved

The year is 1959. Back in the days, the Golden State Warriors were widely known as the Philadelphia Warriors. Chase Center did not exist and the Warriors belonged to the Eastern conference which was known as the Eastern Division back then.

In that year, the Warriors got the 3rd pick of the draft and with that they selected the one who has his own record book in the NBA history. That player was none other than Wilt Chamberlain. He was supposably the player who was going to lead the Warriors to multiple championships.

Wilt had the best rookie season for any player in NBA history as he won the MVP and Rookie of the Year. He averaged 37.6 points, 27 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game for that season and was considered to be the best player in the league.

Looking on the Celtics side, in 1959, they had already established as a dynasty, winning 2 championships out of their 3 finals appearance. They were led by the one who sought nothing but winning and would do anything to achieve that goal. This player in present times has the Finals MVP named after him and goes by the name of Bill Russell.

The Celtics adopted more of a team oriented style of playing with the ball movement that cannot be broken by any team in the NBA. Their impact speaks for itself as they led the league in standings at that time.

The first meeting

The stage was set! On one hand you had a player whose skillset was so vast that he could singlehandedly destroy a team with his dominance. On the other corner was a team who adopted passing and created a brand of basketball which revolved around their main player 4, Bill Russell who was the pillar for defense.

In the regular season, the Boston Celtics won 8 of their 13 meeting between the two teams. But regular season wins do not matter. It was the post season which counted. When both teams matched up, it was a clash which drew audience from all over the United States.

The Warriors were led by their unstoppable force, Wilt Chamberlain. Even in the playoffs, the Celtics found it hard to contain the big man. Bill Russell was the man in charge of Chamberlain for the entirety of the series and he surely made Wilt work for his shots.

Despite Wilt’s scoring, his teammates could not deal with the Celtics players. He may have been blessed with a lot of athleticism but his teammates weren’t. The Warriors gave their absolute best and were able to win. But the Celtics proved too difficult for them to handle. They ultimately fell in 6 games and the Celtics went on to win the NBA Championships.

The start of a war

But this was just the beginning of their long rivalry. As Wilt tasted the first loss against the Celtics and was mesmerized in their ability to do such things, he vowed to get revenge on them the next time they meet. Even though the Celtics won, they knew that they would be facing Wilt and the Warriors in the upcoming years. Russell vowed too that he would win whatever it takes.

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