Rhea Ripley

The Real Reason Why Rhea Ripley Is Compared To Chyna Is Finally Revealed

Some of the WWE Superstars who are routinely contrasted include Chyna and Rhea Ripley. Their fierce and overpowering in-ring skills are a key talking point in addition to the looks that set them apart from the competition. The Eradicator and the Hall of Famer are the two most muscular female superstars.

In addition to their appearance, they exude the same threatening aura as their in-ring personas. They are being compared on more levels than just their physical attributes, though.Rhea seems unbothered by all of these analogies. The Ninth Wonder of the World, in the opinion of the Judgment Day participant, displays exceptional beauty.

“I love it when people compare me to Chyna in some way.” I find the modifications that people keep making to be incredibly entertaining. Chyna was an idol in my eyes, and I did like her. And it was amazing that she didn’t fit in. She was so distinctive from everyone else. She was muscular and flawless, and she was stunning. The others were also gorgeous. I’m not saying they weren’t, though. “But she had a distinct kind of beauty.”

Women’s Royal Rumble match 2023

The Eradicator welcomes similarities, but she is undoubtedly developing her own WWE persona. However, a WWE superstar wants them to be comparable in other respects as well. Following her victory in the 30-woman Royal Rumble match, Ripley once again addressed the remarks about the legend.

She went on to say that Kofi Kingston had advised her to capture the Intercontinental Championship. She said that even if she enjoys the comparisons, she also has her own personality. Rhea Ripley is different from the late celebrity despite their similarities because she has something unique and intriguing to offer.

Rhea Ripley, who prevailed in the women’s Royal Rumble match in 2023, is deviating a little from her original plan to get to WrestleMania in order to atone for some of her prior transgressions. At the very beginning of Monday night’s “WWE Raw,” Edge and Beth Phoenix made an appearance and demanded a match against Ripley and Finn Balor.

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