The Overrated Celtics' Big 3 2008 Championship Run

The Overrated Celtics’ Big 3 2008 Championship Run!

The Boston Celtics are currently in the trailing end of the Finals series against the Golden State Warriors. They have finally made it into the promise land after 12 years of trial and error. The duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with veteran presence like Al Horford as well as defensive specialist in Marcus Smart and Robert Williams III has certainly taken the Celtics far.

The last time the Boston Celtics captured the gold was in 2008 when they beat the Kobe led Los Angeles Lakers. But the way they earned the Championship then is very different from their current run. It can be said that they rather forced their way to a championship. We shall be having a closer look at the winning Celtics champion then.

The fruitful summer

The 2007 off season was a fruitful time for the Boston Celtics. After failing to make the playoffs or their respective teams, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen had enough of their franchises and needed a change of scenery. They were getting nowhere in terms of reaching the Finals and their franchises were as incompetent as ever.

Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics were also getting nowhere with their respective players. So they brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen trading away their draft picks forming a super team. In addition to that, they picked up Rajon Rondo as the 21st pick of the 2007 draft. Rondo was matured enough to play with the likes of the 3 superstars.

Beginning of the inevitable

Thus the season began with promise and they indeed destroyed their opponents in the regular season. During the trade deadline, they picked up Sam Cassell who brought in championship experience. The Celtics Big 3 made it into the All-Star team and they finished their season with a record of 66-16 claiming the 1st seed in the East.

In the 1st round, they met the 8th seeded Atlanta Hawks, against whom they faced some difficulty dealing with them, getting it over in 7 games. The Atlanta Hawks’ passing and defense proved quite a dilemma for the Celtics but they managed to get over it somehow.

In the 2nd round, they faced off against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. This proved to be a difficult matchup for the Celtics again. If LeBron would have had some reliable teammates, he would have overcome the Cs. But that did not go as planned. The Celtics Big 3 showcased their dominance and won in 7 games.

Moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Boston Celtics faced off against the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons were a defensive team. But Rondo being the control tower of the team tore through the Pistons defense. This led to them winning in 6 games.

The Championship

In the NBA Finals, the Celtics faced off against the Lakers in the Finals. The Lakers were coming off after defeating the Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs all of whom were no easy opponents.

The Boston Celtics were too loaded for the Lakers to counteract their offensive strengths at that time. The Celtics took care of the Lakers in 6 games giving them their championship for which they had gathered.

It can be said that due to multiple stars, their opponents had a hard time guarding. Plus after their 2008 run, they failed to win a title despite having the same core members. Despite having such a Big 3 of Hall of Famers, you cannot just win a single championship and call it a day. No matter how much they say that they broke LeBron and forced him to go to Miami. The fact remains that they won only a single championship when they should have been able to win more.

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