The Oklahoma City Thunder Knows What They Are Doing

The Oklahoma City Thunder Knows What They Are Doing

The Oklahoma City Thunder have gone a great job with their pick. Thus time they got Chet Holmgren and the season prior they added Josh Giddey and Aleksej Pokuseveski. So it is no knock on them for getting great picks and also they shouldn’t be blamed for tanking after having the youngest roster in the NBA.

History of Thunder Picks

But it has always been like that for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They always had their stroke of luck ever since the Seattle SuperSonics folded and the Thunder got their players. So at first they had Kevin Durant. Then in the following year they drafted Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka.

Going on to the next season, the Thunder selected James Harden. During that time, the Thunder had the youngest roster in the NBA then as well. Their starting players were all under the age of 25. On top of that they weren’t pushovers. They ended up as the 8th seed in the Western Conference while having a record of 50-32. Such an impressive record yet they were the 8th seed. It is a testament of how strong the West was.

The rise of the young generation

The following season, they finished with the 4th seed. On top of that they made a whole lot of noise in the Western Conference as they reached the Conference Finals. Yes the team with a roster of 22 years as an average age, made it all the way to the Conference Finals.

The 2011-12 season was a lockout season and the Thunder ended with the 2nd best record in the Western Conference. With a shortened season and tons of energy in the players, they pushed through every opponent in the Western Conference to reach the Finals.

At that time Durant was 23, Westbrook was 23 and Harden just reached 22. At just that tender age they went to war against a prime LeBron James, Dwyane Wad and Chris Bosh. The Thunder pushed it to 5 games but was brutally harassed by the Heat and they lost.

Hope for the future

All three of those players have won MVPs after the team broke up and we were left to wonder that if the 2012 Thunder team would have spent a year longer together, they would certainly have had some championships in their name right now.

Seeing that Thunder squad and the plethora of talent they have gathered up to now, the Thunder has a legitimate chance at having players of their potential at their disposal. That means they can go for a championship if they continue to grow in about 3 years. Of course it is a longshot but their development program is not at all incompetent in any ways and history is there to support that.

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