The next ROH title contender for Claudio Castagnoli revealed

Last month, Claudio Castagnoli became ROH Champion, after a long period of time without a World Title. Given how long Castagnoli spent in ROH before joining WWE, most fans probably assumed he had previously held the title. The Swiss Cyborg has only successfully defended the title once so far, but that will change the next week.

Claudio Castagnoli opted to strike out on his own after leaving WWE. He eventually found himself in AEW, where he quickly rose to the position of ROH world champion. We now know his upcoming opponent.

Dustin Rhodes???!!!

These days, Dustin Rhodes has a lot to be happy about. Since joining AEW, “The Natural” has seen a significant career resurrection. Now that Claudio Castagnoli is the ROH Champion, Dustin Rhodes will face him.

Wheeler Yuta and ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli entered the arena on the most recent AEW Rampage episode. He gave a shout-out to Ricky Steamboat, who was sat in the front row. For the upcoming episode of the show, he issued an open challenge.

The ROH Champion will face Dustin on the August 26 episode of AEW Rampage

There is ample evidence of Rhodes’ past substance usage issues. When Dustin’s actions during “The Plane Ride from Hell” were made public via “Dark Side of the Ring,” many people became aware of his problems. For Dustin Rhodes, those times are a distant memory.

We had no idea who was going to be the challenger

It goes without saying that you should stop reading now if you don’t want a key aspect of this week’s Rampage to be revealed.

During the Wednesday night Rampage taping, Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta of the Blackpool Combat Club entered the ring. Ricky Steamboat was present, so the former WWE Superstar acknowledged him before launching an open challenge for the championship.

Challenger emerges out of nowhere

The challenge was accepted right away, even though it was for a title fight on Rampage the following week. Dustin Rhodes, who has performed in the ring throughout the course of five decades, was the person who responded to Castagnoli. Despite this, he hasn’t participated in a single bout for ROH. Actually, even if he succeeds in unseating Castagnoli as the ROH Champion, it won’t change the following week.

How’s the reign of Claudio going on?

At Death Before Dishonor, Castagnoli defeated Jonathan Gresham to win the ROH Title, a choice that doesn’t seem to have pleased the former champion. As we still have not gain an update on his situation.

You can checkout the story behind Jonathan Gresham right here.

After that match, Gresham’s contract with AEW was terminated, allegedly as a result of disagreements between the former champion and Tony Khan regarding artistic choices. Since then, Castagnoli has defended the championship against Konosuke Takeshita.

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