The Next 6ix9ine? Braydbunch the Non-binary Rapper teams up with Yaksha and the Fck Them Crew

1. You are one of the hottest underground rappers in the country right now. What’s new in the world of Braydbunch? Anything big news you’d like to share?     

I plan on finishing what I started last year, taking over the international rap game with Yaksha and his crew. I already have my Dance music playing on FM stations at the moment, but 2022 is where the world will truly meet Braydbunch, the Non binary rapper. You see, I don’t want to just be a producer, I am a true artist. Not just another top tier rapper, but an entertainer unlike the world has ever seen before.

I plan on making lots of money and having fun while entertaining the masses this year. I’m dropping a couple mixtapes and am currently finishing up a bunch of  music videos. I have a few big name features helping me out on my tapes too. I can’t wait to show you all the magic I’ve been making when the time is right.

2. I know I can’t wait to see this new hip hop music video you have been teasing us all about on Instagram. When are you planning on releasing it? Also, speaking of Yaksha, you recently gave him credit for your recent success. Seeing all he did to help jumpstart  6ix9ine’s and Trippie Redd’s careers, the hip hop world wants to know… how did you two link up to begin with? 

That’s an awesome story in itself. I truthfully owe both 6ix9ine and Yaksha so much. I don’t think I’d be doing the things I’ve been doing in the music game, if it wasn’t for the two of them. I actually started messaging Yaksha years back, but my skills were not where they needed to be yet.

However, I saw how brilliant he was as a marketing mastermind and knew to keep in touch. I saw all that he did for American artists, but also noticed the amazing things he was doing in Europe. He’s just one of the coolest dudes out there and it shows. Many call him the Diddy of Europe, always finding the hottest talent all over the globe. He even just became a CEO for Def Jam Recordings. He’s legit. Furthermore, the live shows he and his crew throw on are insane. The vibes at those concerts are hard to top. Most people don’t have what it takes to put on shows on like that. So many talented artists in the world, but few people can actually entertain the masses with a live performance. The energy was unreal, the crowds were crazy, and then I heard 6ix9ine! People can hate on Daniel Hernandez all they want. Keep hating, but early 6ix9ine knew how to make some bangers. There is no denying that. I know his style isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely loved it. In fact, some of his early Soundcloud tracks are my faves to this day.

When I heard him screaming on a mic I remember thinking “Yo, that seems mad fun.” Being in a punk band back in the day and a former competitive athlete…  his music spoke to me. It pumped me up. Part of my aggressive Sh8dy Br8dy style was inspired by 6ix9ine for sure. I was also enamored with the way he put NYC back on the map for Hip Hop. Before screwing things up royally with that Treywey stuff, he literally was the KING OF NEW YORK. We had the ladies like Nicki and Cardi B running stuff in NYC, but not much male talent was getting recognized at the time. 6ix9ine changed that all for a bit. Let’s not forget, even 50 cent loved him. 6ix9ine was a master entertainer, more than just a rapper. He knew how to get the world’s attention and he kept it. Sadly, we all know how 6ix9ine’s rise to top did not last very long.

However, I studied his success. I used my autistic brain to make some connections and decided to follow his blueprint for success. As time moved on, I found my own sound, improved my craft, made more connections in the industry and saw that the hard work was paying off. I got to silence some haters too, which is the best part. Haters motivate me. I spent the last two years practicing, taking music production classes, and studying the game. I barely released any new music because I knew in time, I’d be ready to compete with the best of them. I cooked up over a hundred unreleased tracks this year, spanning multiple genres. Knowing I needed a bit more time before taking my rap career to the next level, I decided to go back to Yaksha as a producer. I knew the time was right to drop some of my dance music, as it really can compete with the best dance music on Earth. Many people forget that not only am I a rapper, but I am also a music producer. I reached  back out to Yaksha persistently, and over time we spoke more and more about music. What’s funny is, Yaksha ended up telling me that even if my dance music ended up not succeeding, that my energy was hard to match.

I told Yaksha to give me a shot and promised to help his label take over the world again. I told him I could be the next 6ix9ine and somehow he believed in me. He gave me a shot to drop a video and the rest is part of history. My video debuted breaking records. My instagram blew up over night and before you knew it, I was talking with some of the biggest legends in the industry. Yaksha and I were both super hyped and made a deal. I’m dropping multiple tracks exclusively on his label this year. I’ll be dropping a new video before the month is up. I need to pick a date still, might drop it on MLK day to be honest. I do have a dream I’m chasing after all.

3. Speaking of videos, rumor has it that you are planning on only releasing hip hop videos through his label for now on? Why would you give up releasing your dance music through his label, especially with all the success your single beyond has had? They are even playing the song on FM radio stations. Are you afraid that you might be making a big mistake?

I’m confident in my craft. My hip hop fans haven’t nicknamed me Feminem just for nothing. Some say I am the second coming of Slim Shady. Others have compared me to the Beastie Boys. As I mentioned already, Yaksha is like the Sean “Diddy” Combs of Bratislava. He is a fashion ICON and his label is mainly pushing hip hop. Both Yaksha and I grew up worshiping New York legends like Wu Tang Clan. We speak different languages and yet we understand each other perfectly. Music destroys borders.  Yaksha is only surrounded by the hottest talent himself these days. Truthfully, I decided to introduce myself to Europe as a producer first. I wanted the world to see the talent I have for cooking up tracks. At one point, I was hoping to someday earn a plaque as a producer for some hip hop legends. I wanted to be the next Murda Beatz. Honestly though, I much prefer the rapping and hopping on a microphone since it is therapeutic for me. Making beats and dance music helped me become a better rapper too.

I feel like I was put on this planet to be a famous rapper. To speak my mind and tell my story while bringing the world joy through music. I do still plan on releasing my Dance album, but hip hop is my main priority. This last Thanskgiving, Yaksha and I were supposed to meet up a couple times, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it. I had to leave the city to visit family for the holidays, but guess who he ended up chilling with instead? Lil Uzi, ASAP Rocky, the rest of the MOB and many more hip hop superstars. Yaksha literally rolls with the greatest in the game, and it’s an honor that he rolls with me too. It would have been a dream come true to cook up a beat for legends like Uzi, but many are learning that I can hang with the best of them as a rapper too.

I’m on my Cypress Hill! I want to be a rap superstar, and live large, a big house, five cars, be in charge. I’m still comin’ up in the world  but when I drop my net video, the world will learn who Braydbunch really is. I’m one of the best rappers in the game, many just don’t know it yet.

4. Hearing all of this, I have to wonder? Are there any plans to tour Europe?

That’s the dream.  I want to travel the entire world with my music. I have lots of fans in Canada, Brazil, Africa, The Middle East and Europe. Never ignore the international Market. Wu Tang Clan still tours these countries and gets treated like royalty. I want to get treated like royalty too. More importantly, there is nothing I love more than performing. My shows get really crazy, in fact I’ve been compared to 6ix9ine and Travis Scott. I’m more responsible though. NYC hip hop heads really are a special breed too. Nothing comes close to the rush I get when I have hundreds of city kids chanting my name and rapping along to my songs while performing at a show. 6ix9ine actually never even had a live show before heading to Slovakia. Daniel’s first-ever live show was actually at this Bratislava club called Babylon. Just like I owe Yaksha for my success, The Fck Them crew introduced 6ix9ine to the world and showed him what it is to be a rapper. He owes them everything too.

Before linking up with Yaksha, Tekashi’s career was non-existent. I know that I can top what 6ix9ine did in Europe, once I get the chance. Yaksha and I both discussed the idea of throwing on concerts together, but Covid keeps ruining things. Hopefully we get to throw on some wild shows together real soon. I’ve been dying to check out Prague too. Czech and Slovak girls are pretty attractive. Looking for my soulmate. Maybe I can find a Slovakian model and wife her up. 3. Very interesting stuff. So, do you feel you fit into what Yaksha calls “New Wave Hip Hop” or what most Americans might call SoundCloud rap? I don’t like fitting into people’s boxes or having labels thrown on me. Musically, I am a hybrid. I have so many different styles and sounds. However, I do have sort of an old school meets new school sound on some of my upcoming tracks. I even drill.  Check out my song ‘Bring the Freaks Out.’ I can hang with Sheff G, Fivio Foreign, Ron Suno, and anyone else in the New York Dril scene.

Now that Kay Flock is in trouble, maybe his label could sign me? I just cooked up 5 new drill beats this week too. Imagine a Non Binary Drill superstar?  I’m one of a kind. However, to be more serious, Soundcloud did help me first blow up in the rap game. I have nothing but respect for SoundCloud. They truly give the little guys like me a shot. It’s hard to compete with these spoiled rich kids and major labels. Let’s hope the labels are smart enough to sign me this year although staying independent has its perks too. I think I’m dropping my next tape, The Sh8dy Br8dy EP: Demos From the Vault, on SoundCloud real soon for nostalgic reasons. Might release it on Audiomack too. Guess you will have to wait and see.

5. I wish we had more time to chat, but any words of advice for young indie rappers out there looking to become the next big thing.

Don’t be soft, think for yourself, be yourself and chase the energy kids. I think most artists should focus on the international music scene like I stated earlier. You don’t have to tour the USA to be a star. There are other ways to live your dream and make a living through musical performances. That’s where the real money is anyway. So, if you think you have the talent , reach out to big names across the globe. Hit up labels. If you want to play Eastern Europe, who better to reach out to than Yaksha himself? He’s even teamed up to put on shows for a number of other American rappers over the years, including A$AP Nast, Black Dave, and Ken Rebel. The Eastern European scene there is full of raw energy. Let’s not forget that’s where Lil peep and XXXtentacion found fame too.

In the U.S., concerts are often full of people glued to their smartphones, liking things because the media told them too. In Slovakia, people are more free spirited. They live for music. Concert goers make huge mosh pits like the ones I remember being a part of from decades past. Their concerts take me back to my youth, when people still watched MTV, listened to full albums and simply jammed out. Today, we have so many soft cry babies in America who don’t even think for themselves. The cancel culture is getting out of control too. Kids were trying to cancel Eminem for his lyrics. That’s just crazy to me. Maybe my music can save America. If not, I can always head to Europe. Much love, thanks for having me.

Listen to Braydbunch – Versace French Toast Feat. Riff Raff

Connect with Braydbunch on Soundcloud and Instagram.


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