The Most Recent Bold Change by Triple H Is NXT Black And Gold’s Return

Black and Gold from NXT is back. This week, WWE held a successful celebration of the NXT 2.0 brand’s first year of existence.

NEW LOGO introduced unexpectedly

A cage match served as the event’s opener, and Solo Sikoa emerged victorious to claim the North American Championship. However, the commentators pointed out that there was still more in store for the fans, so the night wasn’t over yet.

Shawn Michaels Voice-Over

Following this announcement, a voiceover from the new brand manager Shawn Michaels noted how the show is constantly changing.

“NXT has been and always will be dedicated to creating tomorrow’s superstars. We will always remember the past and reflect on it. NXT is always developing with the future in mind. Superstars change and grow, but We Are NXT will always be our message to our devoted fans.”

A graphic that began with the NXT 2.0 logo and gradually evolved into a Black and Gold design, dropping the 2.0 branding, accompanied the message. We can safely assume that since Triple H is now in charge of WWE creative, this is a sign that the programme he created will be going back to its roots.

It’s difficult to predict how this transition will take place because WWE hasn’t given us a lot of information. Fans will undoubtedly welcome this change with open arms, that much is certain.

Reactions from stars –

Former NXT Champion and AEW star Adam Cole immediately noticed the NXT rebrand and shared the following photo on his social media. During this week’s episode of the programme, WWE unveiled a new logo for NXT, indicating the brand’s return to its Black and Gold heritage. Bayley shared the sentiments of many others when she observed that the show had returned to a more recognisable aesthetic.

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Bayley Comments –

Recently, the former Women’s Champion spoke with In The Kliq. She acknowledged that she is unsure of the exact meaning of the new logo when questioned about it. The former NXT star said she is nonetheless proud of the talent there:

‘’For a change, I’m not exactly sure what that means. The logo was recently changed again. Just seeing that again felt good. But everyone there is crushing it. I’m so proud of all the girls, Bayley exclaimed. I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time there during my rehab and have gotten to know many of the guys and girls. Watch them train and observe their diligence.

Therefore, whether it is 2.0 and has some paint splashed on it or is old black and gold, I don’t think it really matters what it is called. They continue to act as they do in the ring. Everyone who came from there is just proud of them.’’

To be fair, it’s unclear at this time if this is a brand-new, permanent logo. has not yet undergone any changes, and the logo continues to serve as the profile picture for the NXT Twitter account.

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