The Most Haunting “Smile” Movie Trailer Is Out

Smiles have generally been an expression of happiness, but who knew that it could be so dangerous that it will take away your life.

Yesterday Paramount Pictures retweeted the Smile movie’s trailer the caption reads, ” Once you see it, it’s too late. Watch the official trailer for #SmileMovie😃. Only in theatres on September 30. ❤️ This tweet and fear what’s behind the smile….”

Directed by Parker Finn, the movie is a psychological horror film that will leave you with a lot of questions as to what’s behind the smile and what’s happening. Parker Finn is also the writer of the Smile Movie’. There is nothing much revealed as to how the story will go but the trailer is quite frightening and will give the horror fans the adrenaline rush.

The movie stars Socie Bacon, Jessie T Usher, Kyle Gallner, Rob Morgan, Kal Lenn, Caitlin Stadey, Judy Reyes, Gillian Zinser, Scot Teller, Dora Kiss, Nick Arapoglou, Jared Johnston, Shevy Gutierrez, Jerry Lobrow, Ura Yoana Sánchez and others.

Let’s now further discuss the Trailer and what’s it about.

The trailer begins with “What makes you smile” written as every patient one by one is seen smiling. We can see a woman named “Rose” who is a psychiatrist talking to a lady who asks her “what you would like to talk about.”

She narrates the past traumatic incident of her patient where the patient used to see something supernatural that no one else could see except her and that invisible being used to smile at her. We see a glimpse of that patient dying as she smiles and uses the broken glass piece to make a smile on her own face.

Later on, Rose wants to find out what exactly happened to her patient. We also get to see a chart that says happy means no pain which is a little confusing as to what is the twist behind that. Then we see rose walking through the corridor and see another patient smiling as she proceeds toward him the patient screams “You’re going to die.”

We see rose unlocking the mystery about other such cases but now she has seen the supernatural thing too. But she has only a week’s time to solve the mystery, she says” I’m not gonna keep running I have to face it.”

The trailer ends with the lady asking her how it makes her feel and smiles. Rose is grabbed by her mouth & she sees a black drawing that has a smile.

The trailer concludes with someone knocking on the car’s window and the girl’s head twists in front of her.

The movie will release on September 30th. Watch the trailer, here.

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