The Most Controversial Princess Diana Episode In The Crown Yet?

Netflix’s The Crown has premiered its fifth season and is focusing on the most difficult times of British royalty. The show has been called out for overly exaggerating the events of British history, but this season has more controversies than ever. This season has a lot because of the historical accounts themselves, which would not need the showrunners to add anything to make it dramatic because it already is.

The fifth season is covering the early 1990s to the mid-1990s. It has attempted to shed light on some drama that took place in and out of the Windsor family. The latest episode has delved into more controversial things.

For instance, Princess Diana’s increasing distaste for the royal family and her attempts of being a free bird. The seventh episode can also be deemed as one of the bravest episodes of The Crown. After her split from Prince Charles, Diana’s life was more difficult.

The latest episode focused on the many things that Princess Diana had to endure after the split. It started with Diana talking about the difficulties she had to face as she was the center of attention. The episode also took its sweet time to shed light on the tensions arising between Charles and Diana as their son was starting school.

It then jumped on Martin Bashir from BBC, who suggested that Diana and people close to her were being spied on. As per him, even Diana’s secretary was involved in this and the entire thing focused on the complicated surroundings the Princess and her family had to deal with.

The Crown Perfectly Captures Things That Would Remain A Secret

Further in the episode, it showed us Diana’s growing fondness for Dr. Khan, as she spent more time in a London hospital. Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer was also seen expressing his concern to Martin. A few details like Diana’s car not starting and the conversation with Charles showed how it affects people.

Princess Diana and Dr. Khan’s relationship was also explored with elegance as they got fond of each other. One such sequence was when Diana went on a movie date with him in disguise. It is safe to say that the episode was politically charged as allegations about the royal family were never talked about in real life.


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