BTS at 2021 People’s Choice Awards: Air date, K-pop Nominations & How To Vote

The Melon Music Awards 2021 honour BTS, IU, and aespa with top honours

The Melon Music Awards 2021 (MMA 2021) was placed on December 4 to a positive response from global fans. At MMA 2021, BTS won five awards, including Song of the Year. In addition, IU was awarded five awards, including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. For Record of the Year, aespa received the most recent Daesang (Grand Prize).

The Melon Music Awards 2021

The Melon Music Awards have been honoring artists every year since 2005, based on user data, votes, expert scores, and other factors. The Melon Music Awards (MMA 2021), like the previous year, were streamed live on 1theK’s YouTube account. IU, Heize, Lee Mujin, Lim Young Woong, MSG Wannabe (M.O.M), TXT, THE BOYZ, ENHYPEN, Brave Girls, and STAYC were among the participants at MMA 2021.

The ‘Top 10 Artists’ were defined by 20% online voting and 80% digital sales, the main awards were ascertained by 20% online voting, 60% digital sales, and 20% judges score, the genre awards were determined by 70% digital sales and 30% judges score, the popularity awards were decided by 60% online voting and 40% digital sales, and the special awards were solely determined by judges score.

‘Best Solo (Male)’ went to Lim Young Woong, and ‘Best Solo (Female)’ went to IU. The prize for ‘Best Performance’ went to THE BOYZ. The title for “Best Songwriter” went to IU. Lee Mujin’s song ‘Rain and You’ from ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ won the ‘Best OST’ award. The ‘Best Group (male)’ award went to BTS, while the ‘Best Group’ (female) award went to aespa. MSG Wannabe (M.O.M) received the prize for ‘Best Project Music.’

TOMORROW X TOGETHER received the title for ‘Best Music Style,’ while ‘Siren Remix’ (Homies) earned the prize for ‘Music Video of the Year.’ For the soul-soothing ‘My Universe,’ BTS and Coldplay won the prize for best collaboration.

The ‘Netizen’s Choice award’ went to BTS, and the ‘Global Rising Artist award’ went to ENHYPEN.

STAYC was named ‘1theK Original Contents,’ and BTS’ main choreographer and dance director, Son Seung Deuk, was named ‘Best Performance Director.’ All of the winners are to be congratulated!

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