The Man Who Held Apple Store Hostage For $230M Crypto Ransom Arrested

Identified as a 27-year-old man from Amsterdam, the accused – now under arrest within the Dutch police’s custody – reportedly held several people hostage at an Apple store on 23rd February, demanding 200 million euros (or $230 million) in cryptocurrency ransom.

The man carried a firearm in the busy Leidseplein neighbourhood late Tuesday afternoon, sparking a tense five-hour long ordeal before being taken to the hospital “seriously injured”, police stated Wednesday. Allegedly, the suspect who raided Apple’s flagship store located in the busy area of Leidseplein did so with unclear intentions, donning a camouflage and even holding a 44-year-old British national hostage. 

However, unbeknownst to the assailant, there was more than one hostage hiding in the closet on the ground floor of this very store.

Hostages Save The Day

It was initially feared the suspect for this incident was holding several people hostage, as per NDTV, but he was reportedly not aware that four others were in hiding in the building. The entire debacle, lasting about five hours, came to a rather uneventful end at around 10:30 pm (2130 GMT), after the suspect asked the police for water, thankfully enough.

Just as water was brought into the store by a robot for the assailant, the hostage seized the opportunity to run for safety, with the suspect immediately chasing after him. And consequently, he ended up suffering a major hit from a police car that promptly took action, knocking him down to the ground. A robot was then sent to check him for explosives first, with laser sightings of police snipers pointing at him as he lay on the road, Coinformania notes.

In an overnight press conference, police chief Frank Paauw clarified that the man demanded 200 million in cryptocurrency before eventually being apprehended by the police. He also commended the hostage for his valiant display of bravery, saying, “The hostage has played a hero role. In a few split seconds, he escaped this hostage situation, otherwise, it would have been an even longer night and nasty night.”

After the end of this unfortunate series of events, nearly 70 people that were in the building, including the hostage, were finally safe and the area around the store was sealed off from the public.

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