The Magic And The Kings Finish Their Game In A Double Overtime Bonanza

The Magic And The Kings Finish Their Game In A Double Overtime Bonanza

The NBA Summer League has been a positive for the league this year considering the amount of skill level, the rookies are bringing in. Plus the addition of the Summer League ring has further helped motivate the players. Although it cannot be mentioned in the same breath as the regular season, still it provides some hope to the teams for their draft picks.

The matchup between the Orlando Magic and the Sacramento Kings has been buzzing in the entirety of the league. Of course it was one for the books considering 2 of the top 5 pick were going at it. On one side the Magic had Paolo Banchero and the Kings had Keegan Murray.

Although both team had more players but both the rookies were getting most of the attention and rightfully so. After all, the game went into overtime. A Summer League game going into a double overtime is a testament of the intensity that both teams had played with.

The intensity

Till the 4th quarter, the Magic held a 20-point lead. Nobody comprehended that the Kings would be coming back from such a huge lead. With just 2 minutes in the clock, the Kings were down by 10 points. The chance of a comeback looked slim, yet the Kings pushed the ball and made some great defensive plays.

In the final seconds of the match, the Magic gave up the ball twice in their side of the court and he Kings punished them. The kings were down by 3 and they had just 5.3 seconds in the clock with Paolo inbounding. He hands it off to Hampton who fumbles the ball. Murray got possession of the ball and faked the shot to get the blockers out of the way. He then takes the shot to tie the game at 87 in the buzzer.

Going to first overtime

In the first overtime period, the teams were defending with everything they had and was extremely low scoring. The game was tied at 92 with the final seconds in the clock. The Kings had possession of the ball and so Ellis went for a floater which was blocked by Terry leading to another overtime.

Second Overtime

This overtime period was made into a sudden death that is the first one to score would win the game. Banchero turned the ball over and so the Kings went for an attempt to score. But Banchero follows up his mistake and blocks the dunk which was called as a foul. However, upon reviewing it was the foul was ruled out and the Magic had a chance to win the game. Banchero passes the Ball to Terry who makes the layup for the win.

Rookie Box Score

Both sides displayed their immense potential and the good things they were about to bring in the league. Paolo Banchero ended the game with 23 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and 2 blocks. Keegan Murray ended with 20 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal.

With the clock rolling on the regular season to start, it will be interesting to see how many changes are going to happen in the league. The rookies are sure hyped up and till now they have been able to live up to their expectations. Only time will tell regarding the career path these rookies will take and the legacy they are going to leave behind.

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