The Last Of Us: Murray Bartlett Reveals His Partner Was Affected By His Ageing

The Last Of Us: Murray Bartlett Reveals His Partner Was Affected By His Ageing

The Last of Us is a gripping video game adaptation on HBO that has kept audiences on the edge of their seats. With its intense storyline, impressive cast, and powerful acting performances, it is no wonder that the series has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows on television.

In the latest episode, Murray Bartlett stars as Frank, a survivor who falls in love with another survivor named Bill, played by Nick Offerman. The dramatic and emotional storyline has taken audiences on a journey over the course of decades and has not failed to impress.

Recently, Bartlett and Offerman sat down for a roundtable interview with The Independent; and reflected on the impressive hair and makeup team behind the show. Bartlett’s partner was “really affected” by the transformation of his character; as he becomes older and more haggard from his terminal illness.

The hair and makeup team did an “extraordinary job,” Bartlett said; and it was a “good sign” that his partner had trouble separating the fact; that he was watching him in a TV show. Offerman also praised the hair and makeup department; saying that they are artists who make the actors look incredible and deserve more recognition.

Bartlett agreed, saying that the hair and makeup team was “meticulous”; and he felt like he was looking at a painting in the mirror when they had finished with him. The process may have been time-consuming, but the results speak for themselves.

With the incredible work of the hair and makeup team, The Last of Us has been elevated to another level; and the stunning transformation of Frank has left a lasting impression on audiences.

The Last of Us is a powerful and intense series that is not to be missed; and the impressive work of the hair and makeup team is just one more reason why audiences should tune in.


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